Blog Maintenance

The secret behind blogging

I realized today morning that I have a [tag]website[/tag] and something called “[tag]blog[/tag]” which I am supposed to maintain (even if nobody reads it). I realized today morning that I haven’t blogged since ages. I also realized that there are plenty of external factors that I could blame for my (lack of) blogging frequency.

Anyway, I tweaked a couple of blog features today, upgraded few plugins and re-coded some php snippets to new standards. Technology changes so rapidly, it’s incredible!

(With the hope that I blog at least twice a week. There is so much happening!)

4 thoughts on “Blog Maintenance

  1. Ashwin:
    Nice to hear from you too

    Oops! I tried to make the site bit different as its more than just a blog!

    Thanks man :)

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