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कौन.. Who..?

“कौन बीज बोता है यारो, फल ये कौन चखे,
ये जग जंतर मंतर माया कौन ये खेल रचे…
कौन चढाए रोज ये सूरज, पवन कौन फूंके,
ऋत् जो आए जाए निरंतर, कौन हिसाब धरे…”

Loosely translated: “[tag]Who[/tag] sows the seed, who tastes the fruit? the world is full of mysteries and puzzles, who sets the game? Who makes the sun rise everyday, who blows the wind? Who makes the seasons occur, who keeps track of all this??”

Clear sky

With a clear sky like that, and listening to [tag]Indian Ocean[/tag]’s song “Kaun” from the album Kandisa, who wouldn’t get into a [tag]trance[/tag]? It rained few hours back and miraculously the sky is now clear as crystal. The air is filled with an aroma that reminds me of the rainy season back home and the large moon is beaming through dry trees as if it is greeting me.

For some time I lost track of everything. [tag]Time[/tag] seemed to lose its importance as I forgot everything about the pressing deadlines, hungry stomach, empty bank accounts and such worldly concerns. It was so fulfilling to simply stand there on the open field outside my apartment, bathing in the soothing moonlight. Don’t we all need such [tag]spiritual[/tag] cleansing once a while? And such things occur unplanned. Wonder who does it…

I must thank Vaarun for infecting me with this amazing music. At the same time, I must blame him for the deadlines I missed due to this new addiction.

Highly recommended albums of Indian Ocean band: “Black Friday”, “Desert Rain”, “Jhini” and “Kandisa”

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  1. Ash Ash

    Nice picture!
    I’ve never seen you in this mood. I hope things are okay

  2. Ravish Ravish

    Hey man! Good post. u taking poetry classes? or that arts class??

  3. Ranade kaka Ranade kaka

    bike baddal abhinandan.
    this is nice website and article
    good luck may the stars be with you

  4. Ash: क्वचित असतो. नेहमी नाही!! सर्व काही ठीक, don’t worry 😉

    Ravish: Thanks! haha, no its not that arts n media management class. This is just me.

    Ranade kaka: धन्यवाद. तुम्हाला वेबसाईट आवडली हे ऐकून आनंद झाला… !

  5. I will happily take the blame for your missed deadlines 🙂 . Indian Ocean’s music is really really close to my heart, so much so that I feel that Im insulting them if I play the music while working on something else. When you listen to them, you listen to them.. that it. I bought their CD sometime back, and threw away the mp3’s.. my way of encouraging them. No piracy when it comes to Indian Ocean!

  6. Vaarun: Yeah I agree, its impossible to multi task! As for the piracy thing, I’m going to hide under the excuse that I’m (we’re) on student budget, and not everything happens as I would want it to be:D

  7. Aashish Aashish

    Nice pic dude … yeah Kandisa is awesome, though my fav is “Maa Reva” … had a CD back home these guys really think before writing those songs, Maa Reva is on some river etc etc .. pretty awesome …

  8. Aashish Aashish

    hey btw teach me this coding man .. u just don’t stop amazing me ..

  9. Aashish: Oh yea, Maa Reva is fantastic too:) And coding? eh, I just grab a bunch of scripts freely available online.

  10. Sudhan Sudhan

    Hi Priyank, Kasa Aahes? Hope everything is fine , I am fine. Sudhan

  11. Hi Sudhan kaka
    I’m doing good
    Thanks for your message!

  12. Raji Raji

    I can see Vaarun’s passion towards Indian Ocean’s music.
    It’s similar to mine towards Prem joshua’s music.

  13. aaa aaa

    Miss u…

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