Got a bike!


Summer is fast approaching and I was getting restless without a bicycle. After lot of search, I finally found a good deal for a second hand (or ‘used’ as they call it here) bike. It’s a brand called ‘Supercycle’ by Canadian Tire and has 15 gears.
I was so excited to lay my hands upon my own bike in Canada. Look at her, isn’t she beautiful??

Toronto has lot of trails to offer for cyclist. This is one such near my university along the black creek between Finch and Sheppard Avenue. I bet this place must be heavenly during the summer. At the moment there is some snow and its too cold.
Feels so good

Thats me. Feels so good :)

8 thoughts on “Got a bike!

  1. deven: Thats strange indeed. I’ve tried to upload a better picture.

    Mridula: Thanks:) Summer arrives pretty late, in July. But I’ve started anyway, as you can see !

  2. well this is indeed cool but thankfully u have good roads – we have to deal with worse roads its like off road biking

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