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Spring Ahead

[tag]Spring ahead[/tag]Today the clocks here sprang up by an hour to DST – [tag]Daylight Savings Time[/tag]. That means, IST is now 9.5 hrs ahead of EST. Initially I was irked by the thought of decreasing my sleep by one hour, but thanks to my erratic schedule, this change in clocks did not affect me at all 🙂

Here is some information about [tag]Daylight-saving time[/tag] from Wikipedia

Daylight saving time ([tag]DST[/tag]), also known as summer time in British English, is the convention of advancing clocks so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less… Governments often promote DST as an energy conservation measure because it substitutes summer afternoon sunlight for electrical lighting… In a typical case where a one-hour shift occurs at 02:00 local time, in spring the clock jumps forward from 02:00 standard time to 03:00 DST and the day has 23 hours…

Being closer to the equator, India does not follow DST.

India does not observe daylight saving time, (DST) or other seasonal adjustments, although DST was used briefly during the Sino–Indian War of 1962 and the Indo–Pakistani Wars of 1965 and 1971.

Spring Ahead
This year, DST adjustments were done 3 weeks earlier compared to 2006. The shift to DST has been advancing by 3 weeks, maybe that will be enforced all thorghu the year! The sunrise today in Toronto was at 7:37 AM, with a day length (sunrise to sunset) of 11 hr 43 min. By June 21, the day will be 15 hr 47 min long! I really miss the early 6:45 AM sunrise in India though!

Hopefully this change in time will indeed result in some [tag]energy saving[/tag]s.

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  1. Still can’t figure what it is all about, he he. I guess what used to be two in the afternoon, you guys consider it as 3 and then go as usual with life?

  2. Mridula
    Yeah, since in winters days are shorter (about 8 hrs) and in summer they are longer (about 14hrs light) here we change the time to maximize the use the natural light and save energy consumption.

  3. Ha Ha… Mridula was so innocent !! Now she knows it all.

    I never faced any problems whichever country I was in… probably I was told beforehand and was cautious to be late. Oh I am extra careful about these timings. 😀

    The first week of adjustment is always a problem though. 🙁

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