Frozen Cherries

Frozen Cherries

Come September and the trees start shedding their leaves. Soon they are robbed of every trace of green; something that makes us wonder if the tree is dead. By December, it starts [tag]snow[/tag]ing and the brown tree struggles to support the weight of snow on it. Water, which had nurtured the growth of the tree from a seed, has now become its enemy. The tender [tag]Cherry[/tag] which had just grown is scared to death. One wonders if water has turned into a demon.

But can a mother hurt her child? The evidence of this demonic love is seen in the picture. Look how tenderly the cherries are covered with [tag]ice[/tag]. It protects the seed inside from cold dry winds. Soon the Sun God will be back beaming with his warmth. The ice will melt away into water but that’s not the end of it. It will help sow the very seed it had protected all this while.

Funny story, isn’t it?

I’m resisting an urge to preach lessons from this. But it’s a lesson everyone has to learn themselves.

PS: This picture is not taken by me! I just got it in some email forward

7 thoughts on “Frozen Cherries

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  2. First, I’d like to clarify once again that this photo is not taken by me!

    Indeed its a lovely picture.

    I agree. Esp read “Devil’s Alternative” by Frederick Forsyth

    Yeah this looks hot, isn’t it

    Thanks yaar! Also for the link at blogbharati. Sorry again for the confusion!

    I’ve been to your blog. Quite insightful…

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