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Cold February

Snow Storm

If you saw Canadians surprised over a spring-like December, you ought to see this Toronto Star report about a [tag]freezing [/tag]February. If they said that December 2006 was the warmest in 40 years, so here we have, February 2007 as the [tag]cold[/tag]est in 28 years!

The average temperature was -8.4C, which was three degrees colder than normal.
That also made it the fifth coldest February since 1937 when weather records were first kept at what is now Pearson International Airport.
Toronto Star, March 5, 2007

Indeed, it’s March already, yet we had one [tag]snow storm[/tag] yesterday and today’s temperature has plummeted to -21°C with a wind chill of -35°C. Ooh!!

Pjf writes:

Dearest readers in warmer climes, please blow some warm air our way for we are suffering terribly as we navigate the bitterly frozen landscape of Toronto.

Blow?? We came here to do just that! 🙂 Some time back, we joked amongst ourselves that there are too many people ‘imported-from-warm-countries’ which is making Toronto all heated up. Looks like they have turned a cold shoulder now 🙁

The weather Gods haven’t spared India either. Northern parts of the country are grappling with a brutal [tag]cold wave[/tag].

The hill state (Himachal Pradesh) came in the grip of severe cold with temperatures falling 3°C to 4°C below normal as the state experienced isolated snow during the past 24 hours.
Tribune India, February 15, 2007

Brace yourself for the climatic shift…

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  1. Ash Ash

    हा चिन्तेचा विषय नक्किच आहे.

    hope you are taking care

  2. Puneet
    Lot of people have to say lot of things. I’m still trying to form an opinion of my own. Thanks for the link

    Yes I am. Thanks for the concern!

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