Biting cold!

Since a week, minimum temperatures in [tag]Toronto[/tag], [tag]Canada[/tag] are consistently in negative double digits. For me this is very exciting, but the Canadians don’t like it. This graph shows the forecast for next week. Note that it shows average high [tag]temperature[/tag]s. At night it gets quite cold.

Toronto weather forecast

(Source: The weather network)

Although your face is the only exposed part of your body, the [tag]wind chill[/tag] will rob it off sensations in no time. It helps if you keep talking; else the muscles go so numb that you cannot speak at all.

The night sky looks illuminated and bright gray when it’s snowing. I live on the 14th floor and everything below looks foggy. [tag]Snow[/tag] is beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Biting cold!

  1. आवरा !!

    ईथं पण तेवढच आहे… १३, १४ ..
    ..अरे हो, पण negative :))

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