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It’s a topsy-turvy world

topsy-turvy dolls

  • We Indians know that the right side to drive is the left side. But here in Canada, they think it’s their right to drive on the right and that’s the right side to drive.
  • We put in the key to unlock a lock and turn the key clockwise. Guess what happens.
  • I searched the whole house for a 3-pin socket to insert my electrical equipment, but I never found one. Later I discover that the circular pin is on the lower side, hidden by the contours of the socket
  • You go to a restaurant – they give you a check which is really a bill and they expect you to pay bills (cash).
  • If you are late for class, the professor won’t question, you can eat in class, laze (sometimes sleep) but nobody cares. While answering a question you don’t need to stand, and the most difficult thing is, that you address the professor with his/her name
  • Interrupting or jumping in while the other person is speaking is considered normal here, in fact, if you do that, the teachers think you are actively participating.

Ok then the door knobs are reverse, keys go in upside down, screws get fastened when I try to unscrew them, and so goes the list.

It’s funny how it hits us when routine things change, isn’t it? We take many things for granted and this little experience has taught me to pay attention to them. Extending this to the business world, I think it’s quite likely that our assumptions could turn into contradictions without us being aware of it. Maybe two people having radically different perspectives on the same issue should think about this.

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  1. It might be interesting to find out if the people here think in a fashion thats as different .. lets make an effort to find out, what say?

  2. Vinod Vinod

    hi priyank nice to see you here in canada. yes many things are different but soon you will get adjusted. when you go back to india you will get a reverse shock.
    be safe with the snow.

  3. abhishek abhishek

    hey priyank though u are findin it hard a bit , it does not matter at all. keep on givin your experiences as i want to do mba just like you. rigt now iam doin engineering.rock and roll

  4. Shriram Shriram

    If I may respond to what Vaarun has to say……….back home clothes are in fashion, here the lack of them is 😉

  5. Vaarun
    Summer will reveal that 🙂

    Thanks for the warning:) Snow has been good so far!

    Study well and get some work experience before your MBA studies

    cool! I liked the way you put that 🙂

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