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I’m going to miss it

From notebooks and workbooks in primary school to machines and chemicals in engineering.
From a kid who fumbled with his underwear in kindergarten to an executive who is trying a perfect tie for his formals.
From the time you prided yourself on writing a book report to the time when you were skeptical about that project report.
From the days when you walked your way to school to save a couple of rupees for the evening snack to the days when you had lavish parties with glasses of booze and all the junk food.
Things change so fast, and no sooner than you start understanding them, bang! they change again.
Office building
Tomorrow is my last day at work before I take a 2 year break for higher studies. It’s been a memorable journey of three years as a Planning Engineer, starting from Aker Kvaerner and ending at Tecnimont ICB.

I’m going to miss the life of a [tag]work[/tag]ing man. I surely am.

I’m going to miss the bus ride to office, I’m going to miss the [tag]cubicle[/tag] and my [tag]desk[/tag], I’m going to miss the free telephone, printing and scanning facilities, I’m going to miss the arguments and discussions, I’m going to miss the endless [tag]meetings[/tag], I’m going to miss the pressing deadlines, I’m going to miss the bar charts, I’m going to miss the occasional pizza with the [tag]project[/tag] manager, I’m going to miss the long chats over cups of tea, I’m going to miss my colleagues, I’m going to miss the receptionist.

But the most important thing I’m going to miss is – my [tag]paycheck[/tag]! (No points for guessing this)

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  1. arbit arbit

    Where are you planning to do further studies(ms??)?

  2. Himanshu Himanshu

    All the best dude!…my best wishes with u…

  3. Ash Ash

    Priyank. best of luck. Study well.
    You are on a major milestone of your life.
    ‘mera aashirwad tumhareko hai.’… hahaha..
    ha office building cha photo aahe ka?

  4. Arbit:
    I’m going to York university’s Schulich school of Busineess for 2 yr fulltime MBA at Toronto. I’ve written about it on the home page!

    Thanks mate

    आवरा… किती आगाऊ असावं मणसाने!… त्यात तुझं भयानक हिन्दी!
    पण thanks!

  5. Ashwin Ashwin

    Nice Priyank, keep in touch.

  6. karen demorin karen demorin

    as i said, missing the things that you’re used to is to be expected..2 years is a long time, i guess, but look forward to the new things you’ll learn, the experiences, and the new people that you’ll meet and allow yourself to grow as a better person..=] good luck, btw!

  7. Raji Raji

    And I am going to miss you!
    Good Luck and Take Care : )

  8. Aashish Aashish

    Dude, looks like this was your last post. Its been 8 weeks man, Schulich isn’t so bad .. you sure can find sometime to write something about it ..


  9. Ashwin:
    Sure man!

    Wow I’m delighted to see you comment here!

    Ditto! You too:)

    Haha! You know how Schulich is treating us 😉

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