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Lets go shopping tonight

My idea of [tag]shopping[/tag] is simple – avoid it. Avoid it until the situation becomes alarming. Even when I have to, I can buy a pair of trousers or a shirt in ten minutes flat. All ready-made [tag]clothes[/tag] fit appropriately on me and I don’t have to wear a trial piece before buying. There is nothing called ‘that particular dress’. And I look good in anything that I wear (ok keep those naughty thoughts away).

Now that I’m moving to a phoren country where [tag]apparels[/tag] are supposedly very heavy on the pocket, I have been instructed to buy as much as I can in India itself. For this is the land of plenty, cheap and quality clothing, the place from which developed markets source their goods. Hmm. Okay, whatever.

For the first time in my life I toured so many [tag]shopping malls[/tag] in one single day. Inorbit mall (Malad), Nirmal Lifestyles (Bhandup), R-Mall (Mulund) and even the newly opened neighborhood Gopi Cine mall (Dombivli). This was just a pleasure trip and some market survey. I was simply checking out the goods, the labels, big brands and their exorbitant prices. This happened about a month back.

Finally, by the end of it, I had all numbers on my fingertips. I could tell the prices of various [tag]brands[/tag] and various types of clothing. Trousers – cotton or otherwise, jeans – boot cut straight fit or shrink fit, shirts – full sleeve and half sleeve, formal and informal, T-shirts, jackets, cargos, and such. Not just the external clothing, but I could produce prices of various brands of underwear and tell which pack offers the most discounts. Phew!

So crammed my head was with all these figures, that I could casually look at anyone passing on the street and tell the cost of his clothes. I started seeing invisible price tags on people’s clothes. In fact, I almost started judging the strangers based on the brands they wear!

“How much does this shirt cost?”
“400 Rupees.”
“Nah, then its no good.”

Hey! Do I really believe that quality is directly proportional to the price??

I also started noting how people dress – an area where I never paid attention before. I observed carefully the low rise, high boots, and long laces on shoes, broad collars, designer buttons and so many other features. I’ve researched virtually everything available in the big malls, and I’m happy with the result.

I’m a self-proclaimed shopping expert now. Ask me anything.

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  1. ASJ ASJ

    You should try Huma mall at is full of factory outlets, great deals

  2. Ashwin Ashwin

    Hey, how is the Gopi cine mall. ?? Dombivli west, right?

  3. ASJ:
    Yep, I have been to Huma subsequently. Nice place.

    Yep, the new avatar of Gopi talkies. Well, the mall is functional, but barely a couple of shops (out of approx 80 odd) have opened. Rest have put notices..
    ‘भाड्याने देणे आहे’ (for rent)
    बोल, घेतोस का…!!

  4. neha neha

    looking to buy good jacket in dombivili any suggestions

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