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Act unrestrained

बाबा..! विमान..!! (Dad, look! a plane!!)

A little girl exclaimed with enthusiasm as she pointed out a tiny airplane to her dad. She was standing at the window next to my seat in the suburban train, watching the plane gliding idly across the sky. The train was moving and the plane was fast disappearing out of her view. She started struggling to catch a last glimpse of the plane thru the corner of the window. It was so silly, and funny, but the little girl was enjoying it. Inadvertently I caught myself doing the same.

Suddenly I realized it, and withdrew myself immediately, lest ‘others’ see me doing what I was doing – watching a plane in the sky. Grown-ups are not supposed to get excited by little objects in the sky. Grown-up’s are supposed to behave like grown ups and watching planes is certainly not a ‘grown-up’ thing to do. These are the rules grown-up’s make for other grown-up’s. What a pity.

I admit, I get excited looking at aircrafts, jets, and other objects flying high in the sky. In fact, I get so excited, that I trace the object until it becomes an infinitely small dot in the sky. My friends think I’m an immature kid, especially the ones who live in the vicinity of the airport.

Children are innocent little beings. They follow their instincts and listen to their heart. As we grow up, we try to do things that are socially acceptable and respectable in the scheme of things we have designed ourselves. This often means restricting ourselves from listening to what our heart says. “Dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening” is an excellent quote, but it’s easier said than done. I’m not going to preach any more philosophy, but arrive straight to the resolution – Don’t suppress your heart’s voice.

Why should I deny myself the pleasure of doing what I really like? Who really cares about it? The next time I see a plane through the window of my train, I am going to enjoy watching it. I’m going to let my heart act unrestrained.

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  1. I like to stare at trains, anytime, for as long as possible

  2. Ashwin Ashwin

    I love cars. New cars. If I’m on my bike and I see a new car, I change my route and follow it till as much as I can.

  3. Mandar Mandar

    Welcome to the club “Baccha” 🙂

  4. Raji Raji

    Oh Dear…. I am so glad that you will hear to your heart now !
    Keep it up : )))

  5. Arbit, Ashwin: Haha, good to know your ‘thing’ too!! Ashwin, where are you from? There are too many cars and traffic jams in Mumbai :))

    Mandar: Thanks for the welcome. Pleasant to see there you already.

    Raji: basskya! Its one of the many things I learnt from you 🙂

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