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Full circle

It was a long time ago. I was young and full of energy. I swam freely in the large ocean body with millions of my brothers. Oh how I remember those wonderful days. I played with the fish and rode on the back of the seahorses. At times I splashed against the shore or danced in the stormy sea. Life was full of fun until you started shining brightly. You were so strong on us. One by one, I lost many of my dear brothers. They simply evaporated away. I was still grieving and recovering from the shock when you decided it was my turn to go. You pumped heat into me and made me lighter. I felt funny and awful. I was rising up with great speed and everyone was looking at me. They were bidding me good-bye, but I was not sure of what was happening. Suddenly I got ejected out my home, the dear ocean. You are evil. You converted me into a gaseous state and took me away from my people…

I rose into the sky. Higher and higher, until I reached the doors of the heaven. Somehow I felt wonderful again. The memories of my home started fading away. I was enjoying this place now. I met some of my brothers from the ocean, but I also made new friends. Just like me, they had come to the sky; but from places such as rivers and lakes. Every minute we met the new arrivals. I took pride in showing them thru the vastness of the sky. Sometimes we would get together and make shapes in the sky. The human beings used to exclaim, “Look! That cloud looks like a duck”. The next moment we changed the formation and the duck shape disappeared. Those were naughty days. I traveled a lot thanks to uncle wind. He took me places far and wide, in formations of white, gray and black.

Slowly our numbers grew. We started playing hide and seek. Covering you up and then suddenly exposing you! I was bright white and you started turning me dark and black. I was scared and terrified about my fate. I stopped being funny and became serious with my brothers. We gathered together in such large numbers that you were blocked completely. Some of the brothers broke out into a fight. There were grumbling noises and sparks that lit the whole sky. Those were dark days indeed.

I started gaining weight and the old feeling came back. I was undergoing changes inside me again. My brothers were experiencing the same too and were pleading for help. Everything was dark since we had covered you up. The uneasiness and discomfort grew because the space was insufficient to hold us all. Finally, with one swift action, all of us were released from the gates of the sky. Falling freely, we were gushing down with a sense of urgency. I started recalling my home back in the ocean and my brothers said we are going back home. Everyone was feeling happy again.

Mother Earth welcomed us. She was very hungry and missed all of us. She accepted everyone with open arms. I took a long journey thru the forest, stream and river and finally entered the ocean. Now I’m playing with the seaweeds and watching a ship cruising by.

Home sweet home.

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  1. Ashwini Ashwini

    hahahaha! Priyank I like your story writing style! I’m going to ask my little cousin sister to read this!

  2. Anamika Singh Anamika Singh

    Nice story.

  3. shivakumar shivakumar

    Your narration style reminds me of ” Seagulls ” by Jonathan livingston…

    Nice imagination…

  4. this reminds me of “Veronika Decides to Die” by Paul Coelho

  5. Hey “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” was a lovely book 🙂

    And “Veronica Decides to Die” was equally bad!

  6. Samir Samir

    brilliant blog and very lucidly written inspiring little things.Ever thought of taking up writing seriously??


  7. trisha trisha

    “I rose into the sky. Higher..until I reached the doors of the heaven. Somehow I felt wonderful..The memories of my home started fading away..was enjoying this place now..met some of my brothers..also made new friends..Just like me..but from places such as rivers and lakes..”chal lets play-do u see what I c?I see a new country in these lines..and another life and a dream too.. 🙂

  8. trisha trisha

    what I mean is that this one is layered.means I love it.the title and the opening line and the last line-all.all of it.

  9. trisha trisha

    I mean this ones layered

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