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Faith or easy money?

Faith or easy money?

It is incorrect to link scientific and economic progress to people’s faith in religion. As a teenager, I always used to believe that as we make technological progress, people’s faith in God would decrease, and some day eventually ‘God’ would remain as a concept limited to books. How wrong I was.

When we shifted to Mumbai, we used to stay in a rented apartment. On the roadside there was a huge banyan tree and under the tree was a stone smeared with vermilion. I remember passersby quickly praying to the stone while on their way. Someone offered flowers, others lighted essence sticks (agarbattis) or diyas (earthen lamps). By the time we moved out of the rented premises, the stone god had a small home for itself was enclosed by three tiny walls and a roof.

I visited the area few days on the occasion of Dasara (Dusshera in Hindi). The sight left me shocked. The banyan tree was no more. Instead there was this ugly looking huge temple structure, occupying the entire footpath and encroaching upon the road. Outside the temple was a queue. A queue so long that it would have taken an hour to enter the temple for darshan. The streets were dotted with flower shops and puja offerings. There were beggars too.

Now this is what I call economic development. From a ubiquitous stone, someone built this huge temple structure. And now people were queuing up outside! It provided livelihood to scores of people who sold religious wares outside, and also a gang of beggars who would chase you until you pay them.

Never mind the obstructions in traffic or the unclean kept surroundings. This is the age of neighborhood school, neighborhood supermarket and neighborhood God. No longer do we have to visit places far away, there are facilities everywhere, making it so convenient.

Soon a temple trust would be formed to legally squander the money people offered to God. Nobody is concerned about the fate of the money they donate to temples. We have been taught not to question something that is a matter of faith. Nonsense! Building and running a temple is the best profession. Selfish this may sound, but prove me wrong.

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  1. aapka toh lagta hai
    bas yehi sapnaa
    ram naam japnaa
    paraaya maal apna

  2. Tony Gladvin George Tony Gladvin George

    “This is the age of neighborhood school, neighborhood supermarket and neighborhood God.”

    These lines are meaningful. The world is turning into high levels of comfort. But is that a problem? We get a lot of time to think!!!

  3. Ashwini Ashwini

    young people these days are seen in overwhemling numbers outside temples. i agree with you, as we progress, more conservative we will get.

  4. Anamika Singh Anamika Singh

    your way of presenting a subtle message is nice one. while you smack at the approach of easy money at the temple authorities, i dont think anyone of us can do ‘business’ by opening atemple. its very unethical.

  5. nice way of doing business! way to go!!
    Mountain Top chain of temples

  6. Devendra: I admit, that IS my intention! Someday yes.

    Tony: No problems at all. Decentralization definitely more convenient. I was just looking at the business opportunity!

    Ashwini: I’m going to write another blog on your comment.

    Anamika: Why is it unethical? I am providing service to the people where they can have darshan of their God easily. Why not charge a fraction for it?

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