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You made my day

6:40 am: I am late, as usual. I run around the house searching frantically for my socks while mom warns me not to leave without eating. Ugh,.. How much she insists on having breakfast. She knows my appetite well.

After a lot of fuss, I get ready, hastily apply jam to my paratha (kind of an Indian bread) and run out to hoping to reach the bus stop barely in time. I walk at supersonic speed to my target while happily munching the morning snack. This is a daily scene and the regular people around no longer give me crazy looks. Some old lady (stranger) on the street once quipped: चालता चालता खाऊ नको रे … ( “Don’t eat while you are walking”). Yes grandma, I hear ya!

A little puppy follows me. He also runs at as fast as he can to catch up with my brisk walking. Street dogs! What a menace… I murmur to myself. I’m half kilometer away from my home and the pup is still following me. He is running so fast, that his limbs might just fall off! Silly dogs. (I am still eating).

I reach my bus stop and heave a sigh of relief. I can see the bus far away trying to slither like a snake thru the morning bustle of milkmen, paper boys and the commuters. Victory! (I’m almost done eating).

Happily, I stuff the last bit of paratha into my mouth. My mouth is really full now. I look around, … what the hell… The silly puppy is still here! He is looking at me intently. Stop staring at me you crazy dog! But his sight is mutely focused on me. There is a strange kind of sadness in his eyes. They are large, black and sparkling, and piercing straight inside. He is watching me chew the food. Then he licks his mouth.

My heart crashes then and there.

The dog is hungry, and I just finished eating. He was chasing me all this time hoping to get something to eat. He is still looking at me hopefully. Oh dear God, I have nothing to feed him… I’m still in shock, trying to recover. For a moment I’m unable to think or move. Then I start thinking and moving. I buy a pack of Parle G (glucose biscuits) and empty it. The fellow nibbles at one biscuit, and then gladly eats away the whole pack.

There! A satisfied look in those eyes! He is wagging his tail furiously. He looks happy. I feel so happy!!

I’m watching this little creation of God till he finishes his snack and trots away. Meanwhile my bus has already gone.

But who cares! I’m the happiest person on earth today! You made my day!

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  1. Ashwin Ashwin

    Nice story. Simple and straight from heart.
    also, new look of your site is good.
    i came here searching for trek travelog, where is it?

  2. Sushant Chaudhary Sushant Chaudhary

    Its hard to find such instance inour Running Time.
    I am glad that you are experiencing it. and now that Enjoyement is not a BIG time it come always in small packets.

    “Make my day!” there can’t be a better Caption tah this.

  3. Raji Raji

    just Thanks !

  4. Ashwin:
    Thanks, oh and the travelog link will be up tomorrow. sorry!

    Indeed, we are so busy, that we fail to notice things around us…

  5. You know what! Every morning, I have exactly the same feeling when I see hungry puppies in our society. I have wished a hundred times that I will keep a packet of Parle-G in my bag and feed them. But, I never did that and I just watch them vanish, one after the another. 🙁
    Depressing, ain’t it?

  6. BTW, Nice story! And from when did you start liking puppies?

  7. Puppy Puppy

    Thank you Priyank. I was hungry for last two days.
    God bless you!

    Puppy : )

  8. Mandar Mandar

    I am proud of you!!!

  9. Rahul Athale Rahul Athale

    Hey Priyank,

    I had come across your website (must admit its awesome) sometime back but then didn’t post any comment. But today again somehow I landed up here and this time I’m posting this comment. Your blogs, images, stories are very nice to read and i’ve now added your website to my favourites (this should make you smile ;-)) ..I used to live in Dombivli 8 years back. Spent my growing days there (live for 12 years) so enjoy your Dombivli too..


  10. Jis tarha heere ko heera katta hai . . .
    Sone ko sona katta hai . . .
    Lohe ko loha katta hai . .
    Theek usi tarha dekh lena ek din . . Tumhe kutta katega

  11. Raji:
    hahaha, I know what you mean.. Thanks!

    Atleast you notice them!
    PS: I hate street dogs. I hate puppies. I hate them…!

    bhow bhow!!

    Nice to hear from you

    Thanks, and welcome

    hmm… aaj kal kuch jyada hi bhonkne laga hai 🙂

  12. I think the pup just knew whom to ask ..

  13. backpakker (Lakshmi):
    shh… dont say* it so loudly, all dogs will hear it 😛

  14. Such kind gesture from a dog-hater is commendable!
    Trust me, even the street-dogs are lovable. U just have to look into their eyes…

  15. Deepika:
    Yeah, some of them have very deep eyes, as if they want to speak something 🙂 Thanks for commenting here!

  16. Dogs in Canada, hmm this could be a whole post in itself.

    There are no street dogs in Toronto atleast. Many people living in apartments have dogs. As a result the creatures are under house arrest all the time and allowed to go out maybe twice or thrice a day. Think of it as a big prison, a prison nevertheless. Plus the dogs don’t act as dogs – they dont bark, they dont run away they are very tame and disciplined. Plus its snow for 5 months. It makes me sad to see the dogs here.

  17. Waah.. That was a nice gesture.. Its so much fun watching the domestic animals that time goes on and we don’t realise at all 🙂

    • Manasa, yeah, its like a whole world working along ours but we are unaware of it!

  18. Darshana Pangal Darshana Pangal

    Oh street Dogs are such a pain! when I walk in the dark on a lonely road, I always have this phobia of a dog running up to me from behind and biting, I keep turning back to ensure. Ah.. it still sends shivers.. i am so glad there are no street dogs in the US!
    Sorry for commenting on a very old post, just thought of sharing my views on street dogs.

    • Hi Darshana! Thanks for commenting on a very old post! Stray dogs always make entertaining and often frustrating stories.

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