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[tag]Omkara [/tag]is not not commercial sugar-candy movie, nor is it conventional [tag]Hindi cinema[/tag]. The movie Omkara is a dare swim against the currents. It does not have glamour or predictable happy endings. This is some serious material; real people, real emotions and disturbing realities. The movie is laced with generous usage of swear words and bold dialogs and is meant for a mature audience.

This keenly anticipated movie, released on July 28th, is an adaptation of Shakespere’s not-so-famous play [tag]Othello[/tag]. Directed by the talented [tag]Vishal Bharadwaj[/tag], the plot develops in the heartland of Indian politics – Uttar Pradesh. The movie is shot primarily at Wai, Maharashtra and has picturesque scenes, esp the temple of coronation.
Saif and Ajay
The movie is based on the directionless, caste ridden political wars in UP, however this issue is not highlighted explicitly. It also takes a solemn note the male chauvinistic attitude which culminates into the movie climax. Suspicion and jealousy are the prime drivers behind the storyline and the plot, which is a shocker at times. There are vivid scenes of violence and sensual portrayal of love and lust.

Saif Ali Khan - Langda TyagiThings look slow and routine in the early parts of the movie, with abductions and killings – nothing that we are not used to seeing in movies. Soon, the story leads the curious viewer into a messy affair of rustic cow-belt political gang wars where [tag]Ajay Devgan[/tag] (as Omkara or Omi) and his two trusted aides [tag]Saif Ali Khan[/tag] (as Langda Tyagi) and [tag]Vivek Oberoi[/tag] (as Kesu Firangi) work for Omkara’s political mentor Nasseruddin Shah (Bhaisaab). Creeping into this macho cauldron is a tender love story between Omkara and [tag]Kareena Kapoor[/tag] (Dolly). The other women – [tag]Konkona Sen Sharma[/tag] (Indu) and [tag]Bipasha Basu[/tag] (Billo) have significant roles to play.
The story really begins when Omkara appoints Kesu as his chief lieutenant (bahubali) instead of Langda. Langda swears to ruin Kesu and plots strategies to isolate and destroy Kesu. This process culminates into a tragedy at the end of the movie, something that is unusual to happen in [tag]Hindi movies[/tag], and that’s what gives the ‘it’s different’ feel about Omkara.

Director Bharadwaj has extracted the best out of all the characters. Ajay Devgan and Konkona Sen are at their usual best and for the first time I think, Kareena Kapoor has performed a mature role. However Saif Ali Khan steals the award, for his expressions and body language are simply outstanding; notably the at the appointment ceremony. Bharadwaj’s music and background is apt and blends perfectly with the scenes.
Kareena - Dolly
Omkara has a very strong character but apparently cannot see shades of grey. His leadership and authority is rightly assumed but could have been dealt with better. I feel Ajay Devgan was under utilized. Also, Bipasha Basu is better suited for sophisticated movies.

Overall I would strongly recommend the movie. It is one of the finest adaptations of contemporary society and has a straightforward, but powerful storyline and characters. This movie has all a rare combination of elements – drama, romance, emotions, songs and dance – working in fine balance with each other. All human emotions – love, hate, jealousy, joy, mistrust, determination, etc are superbly portrayed A welcome break from the conventions, the movie has motivated me to read Shakespeare’s Othello. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Aatish Sen Aatish Sen

    This is art film. Bad language and fighting all the time. This is not for Indian family audience. This is a flop movie. music is good but rest of the movie is bad.
    Saif and Ajay have done good acting. But scenes are dirty and language is like village people. You should see Kabhi alvida na kehna instead. nice songs too.
    i would give this movie 0/5

  2. Sushant Chaudhary Sushant Chaudhary

    This makes me re-think on my decision whether to watch this movie or not, definitly extremely good acting by all start cast, not a cinema that all would love to watch, but comes and makes a mark as new category as “REAL”, just somewhere close to one long time back movie called “BANDIT QUEEN”, priyank me defenitely gonna watch it this weekend.

    Sushant Chaudhary

  3. Aatish:
    I understand that you didn’t like the movie and I respect your opinion. However I hope you surely appreciate that this movie is not conventional one and the director has taken some risks by not indulging in making peppermint movies.
    Not all audience will like it.

    Yep! Gald to know that you are rethinking! I hope you like it. Chandani Bar, Mr. and Mrs Iyer, Bandit Queen etc. All of these are superb movies. They may not be blockbusters, but they do have a niche audience. Omkara is one of such.

  4. Piyush G. Kumar Piyush G. Kumar

    Hi Priyank

    Excellent movie review. I watched the movie just today after your recommendation. The dialogs have liberal usage of foul words and even the conversation between the ladies is not something we are habituated to.

    I don’t think Omkara is an art movie. But its more technical and students of film education will be able to appreciate its strengths better.

    Vijay Bharadwaj has given excellent music and it is very peaceful to listed to the songs, esp . Omkara and O Sathi re. Bipasha’s two item numbers are good too.

    Overall as you said it is a must watch movie. Kepp writing such helpful movie reviews. Your movie reviews about Krish and Superman were good!!


  5. Piyush:

    I’m really happy to know that you found the review useful. I agree with you on the technical superiority of the movie. Rightly said, we cannot evaluate it as good as the students of films can.

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  8. darn i missed watching it , i had watched gangajal and found it great

  9. […] in September last year, we didn’t know the amount of beauty it carried. I had seen the movie Omkara only a few days back and was mesmerized by the location of the temple. I was insisting on going to […]

  10. […] in September last year, we didn’t know the amount of beauty it carried. I had seen the movie Omkara only a few days back and was mesmerized by the location of the temple. I was insisting on going to […]

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