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And life goes on…

Water droplets on glass

Today is a special day. It’s my 25th birthday today according to Indian calendar – Sixth day of the month of Shravan.

I keep turning pages of the calendar as months passes by. Each day teaches something new, but most of the time its significance is lost as the digits in the almanac change silently. Akin to our monthly deadlines for progress measurements, I consider birthdays as important milestones in my life. I usually pause and ponder over events in the past year and make ambitious plans for the next year. No, this is not a mundane exercise, but some serious introspection and retrospection!

On careful evaluation, I think I achieved 60% of goals that I set for myself last year. This figure is nothing to be proud of, yet I’m quite happy, for now I think the targets were too ambitious, nevertheless they were still achievable. Never mind. It’s time to take stock of current situation and set some targets for next year accordingly.

By the way, this is my birthday week. As stated above, Monday is my birthday according to Hindu calendar and Saturday (5th August) according to the Gregorian calendar.

Happy Birthday Priyank!

PS: If you want to send me birthday gifts, lots of money, sweets or anything nice, please don’t hesitate. !

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  1. KT KT

    Happy birthday bacche… ok i should stop calling you that..!
    seeyou in a couple of days !!

  2. Ash Ash


  3. Raji Raji

    Janm Din ki bahut bahut Shubh Kamnayen Priyank !

    Good to see that you reflect/ponder over life so nicely and meaningfully at this young age and hopefully without going thru much tough times in life.
    Keep it up Priyank.
    I am proud to have you as my friend.

  4. KT: Thanks man, and decide yourself if I’m grown up enough to stop calling me that!

    Ash: Thanks!

    Raji: bahut bahut dhanyawaad!! I try to KISS (keep it simple, stupid)… haha! You are a priceless friend 🙂

  5. Sushant Chaudhary Sushant Chaudhary

    Hey priyank sorry to miss out this one.

    Belated Many Many Happy returns of the day.

    Also, one more thing, is that
    Where did you get this piture from?
    I adore it.

  6. Sushant: Thanks for your wishes.
    I took this picture recently when I had been to Khandala. Lots of dew over there.
    seeya !

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