Celebrations at 10,500 ft

This summer I had been to [tag]Jalori pass[/tag] (10,500 ft) in [tag]Himachal[/tag]. Our group was relaxing at the Jalori pass temple when suddenly about 25-30 people local villagers appeared. It was a [tag]marriage[/tag] party and the newly weds had come to seek the blessings of the local deity

Band for the marriage party.
Band members playing some nice music

Crackers burst as the couple seek blessings from the deity.
Some fireworks while the couple exit the temple after darshan

Welcoming the couple with crackers and dance.
People break into celebrations

Celebration - dance, music and some rain!
Celebrations – dance, music, crackers and some rain!

It was good to see that the people were very liberal and girls were participating with boys. They invited us to participate in the celebrations. I tried to play the huge pipes (dunno what they are called), but in vain…

I was touched by the simplicity of the people here, and the whole region in general (Kullu, Banjar, Jibhi, Manali etc). I spoke to one of the guys. He appreciated that people from cities are visiting remote places now. But he also expressed concern that it shouldn’t be overdone. Ok all that’s a different post.

10 thoughts on “Celebrations at 10,500 ft

  1. मला ‘जलोडी पास’ ला कसं जायचं सांगतोस का – साधारण मार्गदर्शन??

    आम्ही कुल्लू ला जाणार आहोत पुढच्या वर्षी मार्च मध्ये.

  2. [quote comment="22219"]मला ‘जलोडी पास’ ला कसं जायचं सांगतोस का – साधारण मार्गदर्शन??

    आम्ही कुल्लू ला जाणार आहोत पुढच्या वर्षी मार्च मध्ये.

    नमस्कार जयदीप
    जलोडी पास हा कुल्लू पासुन सुमारे १४० कि.मी. आहे. पुढे हाच् रस्ता शिमला पर्यंत जातो. हिमाचल पथ परिवहनाच्या काही बस या मार्गावर धावतात. त्यांची वेबसाईट तपासून पहा.
    आणि हो, फोटो पाठव.

  3. Akash:
    Yes, I did, but they are too big to be uploaded!

    Thanks, yeah, it was very different.

    Yep, it was nice indeed. More so because it was a pleasant surprise to see it.

    धन्यवाद! मंडळ आभारी आहे :)

    haan next time definitely bolega!

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