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to rick it out

As if we didn’t hear enough of Bambaiya-angrezi (English in Mumbai flavor), the other day I heard this new phrase:

“Rick it out.”Auto Rickshaw

Stumped? Let me explain. ‘Rick’ is a common urban condensed form of the word ‘Auto Rickshaw’, which by the way is the preferred and most popular mode of transport (‘taxi’) in India. In Mumbai, the super fast city especially, you may miss an appointment if you patiently speak the whole word ‘Rickshaw’. So you just say ‘Rick’ and zap to your destination. Of course the English speaking uptown crowd (whom we call ‘angrez’) might consider saying ‘Rickshaw’ a bit too Indian, hence may prefer saying ‘Rick’. Whatever is the reason!

When you call for a rick and hire it, you are ricking it out, i.e. taking an auto rickshaw on hire.

The other day:
Me: I have to go to XYZ, do you know which bus I can take?
Other person: Better rick it out rather than taking a bus

That’s all. I love the new phrase, but doubt if I’ll ever use it.

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  1. DB DB

    You should not waste your time writing such stupid blogs. This is very stupid and worthless and I cannot think of anything worst to say right now.

  2. the dude ! the dude !

    On the contrary to what the honorable and lean Mr.Bhatte has written, I believe a blog is a media for informing others about what is happening in a person’s life and his outlook on life. I believe this new ‘phrase’ is ‘zakas’ altho i don’t think using the word rick in the phrase sound any good at all. Keep scouring the streets of Mumbai for more such insights and quirky things. I would like to point one thing oout tho – ‘Angrez’ doesn’t denote uptown crowd – it denotes some community ….. what say u Mr.Bhatte ?

  3. I agree with “the dude!”. Blog is rightly a place where one puts up his opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc on a public forum. In doing so, it could be a very trivial issue which happens in daily life with everyone, but it is just that the blogger wants to vent himself out … so may it be a ‘bank related issue’ that happens repeatedly with almost any Tom, Dick and Harry in the town. Ain’t I correct Mr. Thatte?!

  4. Yes, I agree with the dude, Angrez is something else.
    he he he
    keep bloating the net by pasting blogs
    happy blogging

  5. Giri Giri

    Arre ye toh main bhi use karta hu. And i didnt derive this from any angrez. It just came naturally to me.

  6. Thats a very interesting post Priyank. The way language evolves is amazing…for all you know this phrase if used often enough might find its way into the dictionary. every year new words are added, words which a decade ago would have seemed impossible as a part of the English language. Yu have caught a very unique term and phrase and written it down…
    This sure has tickled my brain (I am a lover of language)…and I don’t know why I have delayed adding you to my blogroll. I did check you site out earlier and I thought I would add you…but just didn’t get down to it.
    btw, why do you keep comments like the first one? I would not have kept the comment…because it has nothing to do with the post. Its a personal comment and to my mind the person has confused the word post with blog. many people have no idea what a blog is, they think a post is a blog and a comment is a post!If he has said something like the term itself (ricking) is stupid or whatever, yes, then the comment becomes relevant to the post. in fact one can have a long conversation about whether certain terms should ever be used, the purity of language, and whether slang should ever get into the dictionary.

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