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Return of the supermen

Superman Returns

Superman Have you seen the trailer? Well I think that’s sufficient. The plot is woven as if the trailer was made before the movie. Expect no more action scenes other than the shown in the trailer. Brandon Routh, (as Clark Kent) the new Superman returns to Earth after spending five years looking for his home planet Krypton. Immediately, he saves his sweetheart Kate Bosworth (as Lois Lane) in some great mid-air action that redefines Newton’s laws. 5 years back, newswoman Lois was pissed off at Superman for leaving (her) abruptly and she’d writtn an award winning article “Why the world doesn’t need superman”. Suddenly, (her) hero is back.

Meanwhile Kevin Spacey (as Lex Luthor), the villan is free from jail and has discovered the supposedly unguarded wealth of Kryptonian knowledge. He intends to ‘grow’ new land on earth by displacing present continents and killing billions of people in the process. He does manage to grow lands of dark ice, and the idea of civilization on that land looks preposterous. Predictably, Superman fights the villians, lifts the whole island and launches it away into space.

The movie should have ended there, but the director chose to be theatrical. Krypton elements from the island he just lifted have affected him and he comes crashing down to earth. They treat him in a hospital, but what really cures him is a tender kiss from Lois and another peck from his son. There are plenty of such melodramatic and overdone romantic scenes which at times make you wonder if the movie is called Superman or Loverman.

Superman Returns is a disappointment, especially when Spiderman and Batman sequels have done really well. The only thing I liked is superman’s blue eyes and Lois’s soft lips.


KrrishKrish: The Indian superhero

Rakesh Roshan directed “Krrish” stars his son Hritik Roshan (as Krishna Rohit Mehra) and Priyanka Chopra (as Priya). Nasseruddin Shah (as Siddhant Aryan) plays the villain. In this movie, which is a sequel to the erstwhile superhit movie “Koi Mil Gaya”, Krrish is shown as the son of Rohit Mehra and inherits the alien powers that his father possesses (minus the mental underdevelopment).

I don’t know why the director has projected Krrish as “Superhero of a third world country”. He is so poor that he can’t afford a zipper on his costume, or a razor to shave his stubble. His powers don’t give him the ability to fly or spin a web or resist bullet shots. All he does is take really long jumps while he ‘runs in air’ with facial expressions akin to that of an ‘angry man’ of the 80’s who is about to say ‘kutte…’.

Superhero Krrish is present in the movie only for about 40 minutes. For the initial 2 hours, he is just Krishna, the lover boy who goes to Singapore to meet Priya, after falling in love with her when she was holidaying in India. Add to this the cheap humor, terrible music, silly songs and absurd dance sequences and you’d guess it has typical elements of hindi movie.

Several brands have sponsored the movie and they are endorsed every now and then. Roshan has continued his age old Bournvita, but now additionally there is Navaratna, Lays, Hero Honda, Samsung, Fairever and so on. Have you ever seen Siyaram’s travel bus or anyone pouring spoons of Tide detergent to wash a bucketful of clothes?

Wait a minute, there’s still some hope. Director Roshan has spent lavishly on technology, probably for the first time in Hindi cinema. Some effects in the action scenes are awesome, though not breathtaking. Even the story is kind of ‘visionary’!

I believe the sequel (Krrish II) will be better if he focuses more on superhero qualities and technology instead of second grade elements of Hindi movies.

To conclude: Neither movie is must-watch. They are rather watch-once-only type.

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  1. Manish Manish

    Hi Priyank,
    I have watched both the movies and i agree with u as far as Superman is concerned.
    I don’t agree with the stuff u have reflected on ur site about KRRISH.
    Don’t forget u r an India and u must be proud of the movies that are made here, i think this is a brave attempt by
    Roshans to make such a movie.
    Krishna Mehra (KRRISH) is definitely a superhero,
    didn’t u see how he grabs the fish from water?
    How he climbs a mountain? How he wins a race with a horse?

    The special effects shown in the movie are worth watching.
    Indian KRRISH has all the powers that a spiderman, superman, batman, and shaktiman possess.

    Also i want to write about the crap u have written about several brands like Tide, bournvita etc etc sponsoring the movie. Look….. there are many products that r shown in a movie and that doesn’t mean those brands sponsor the movie.

    Your wrong projection about the movie can affect the sales of KRRISH.
    I want an India movie to make a record breaking performance in Inida as well as abroad, and win us an Oscar award.

    this is a humble request from me and all my Indian brothers that please change the KRRISH part of ur article.
    One more thing about KRRISH ” koi tumsa nahi, koi tumsa nahi”


  2. Vinit Vinit

    I saw the movies this week and i TOTALLY agree with you.

    Superman is as bad as Krrish.

    I dont agree to Manish’s views at all. It is not a common man’s duty to make sure a film suceeds. and Krrish for oscar? oh crap. comeon dude we are talking about success in india!!

    the movie is designed for second grade or north indian cities where people love such stuff. Urban educated areas will surely deplore Krrish story and everything

    I agree technological effects are very good. There are no doubts about it at all. But too much timepass is done in starting part which is very boring. songs are as usual – unwanted and break the continuity of the movie.

  3. I haven’t seen either of the movies .. still I dare to comment here 🙂

    Just because its a Indian movie, doesnt mean that we can’t be critical about it.
    Many a time have we indians consoled ourselves with mediocrity just because we easily accept that Bollywood can never reach the status of hollywood … in terms of story / direction or technology.
    Unless the indian audience start demanding better, I dont think the movie providers would bother improving themselves. If its not better than Hollywood, let it get paned, its successors would then aim and try to scale new heights.

  4. I agree partially with the above comments. Krish is good movie. Hrithik was as usual good in acting. Technologically speaking, it was on par with that of Hollywood. You should not comment harshly on the “running in the air” thing. Its the most obvious thing someone would try while jumping. See jumping is more logical than flying. For flying, u need wings and/or lighter bones etc etc. So it is not possible. But, given enough power, a human can surely can take large leaps. This are the good points. But, they are not good enough to take the movie to the Oscars. Also, I noticed for the first time, an indian villian was talking of world dominion instead of just running to some foreign country with lots of gold/diamonds/”put anything that you can think of”.
    But there are some irritating things. It looked like the comedy in the first half was put there for increasing the length of the movie. I was laughing while listening to jokes, but was wondering whether I was laughing for the jokes or at the jokes.
    The display on sponsorers in the movie was ok. They had to find some revenue for the budgeting and hey it was a novel way of doing things. I have heard that this is going to be introduced in computer games of the future too.
    The dance steps were good. The songs were decent. I liked Koi tumsa nahin and Dil na diya.

    Overall, it was a good movie. Worth watching, if you are indian and want to see a indian super hero.

  5. I forgot to mention that Hrithik was simply great in the 3 roles, young rohit, old rohit and krishna. My favorite dialogue in movie is “Every Human who fights for a Good cause is a HERO”.
    Also he adds “You fight (work hard) for your sister (who needs money for operation), so you are a hero”.
    and the things Hrithik does with his eyes is awesome.
    and lastly Priyanka was b e autiful, simply glamourous.

  6. I think Krrish is very balanced movie. Indian movie makers have done the job of making the urban as well as rural audiences happy. Agree Krish has too much Indian filmi drama and emotional play lhowever it has lot of technology used and futuristic look. as previous posted said, its not limited to ‘mona ye lo sona’ type villians and the rakesh roshan has definitely seen bigger picture
    i didnt like that movie too, but considering that its a step in forward direction – koi tumsa nahi, koi tumsa nahi. hehehe

    islamabad pakistan

  7. raivsh raivsh

    superman returns is good movie
    i also liked krrish. saw it today

  8. Raji Raji

    Haven’t seen Superman returns… so no words there.
    but saw Krrish and the child inside me liked it. Good effort by Rakesh Roshan. Good effects. Hritik looks good. Know priyanka is useless there and there’s less of superhore actions but since I didn;t go with much expectations so it was okay. Not as good as Fanna but okay…
    Songs not worth remebering but again Hritik’s steps are still in mind!

    btw, why Oscar means so much to us? Aren;t we happy with ourselves? Is it that important to have recognistion from the West? If a movie breaks record in India, shud be good enough.

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