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Tale of two airlines

Jet Airways – Air Sahara and Congress – Samajwadi party

News is officially out that the Jet – Sahara deal is off the shelf. Many reasons have been cited for the breakdown of takeover by Jet airways, including political ones. While the economic considerations could be valid reason for scrapping deal, the political games that are played behind the scenes will definitely hamper growth stories, such as this.
Jet - Sahara merger ?
Air Sahara owned by Sahara group is known for its proximity to the Samajwadi party. Samajwai party – another one among the pool of political parties with lost objectives – has publicly declared its stand against the Congress party in the state of UP, although it currently supports Congress led UPA at the center. The merger is seen to have been beneficial to the Lucknow based Sahara group, therefore to the Samajwadi party too. With elections in UP drawing close, the rabid race to grab power in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state (and also illiterate, backward etc.) is growing bitter. Yesterday’s friends are pitted against each other and they are leaving no stones unturned to ensure the defeat of the enemy – by direct or indirect method. It is therefore speculated that the Jet Airways – Air Sahara merger deal was scuttled under the pretext of ‘security clearance’ by the central government on the directive issued by the ruling congress party. Why? So that Samajwadi party is not benefited.

If this story is really true, it speaks volumes about the shortsightedness and selfish motives of Indian politicians, whom I consider the filthiest creatures on earth. It is noteworthy that despite the politicians, India Inc continues to grow and is set to strengthen brand India.

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