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Frogs, snails and earthworms

frogIt has started raining in Mumbai. The Meteorological department says these are pre-Monsoon showers. Ah…! The free creatures (such as me) living on mother earth are least concerned about the technical crap. I get delighted seeing the rain: it gives me very elementary joyous feeling and I feel my soul celebrating.

Joining the party from nowhere are other insects – snails, earthworms, frogs and so on. Frogs are quicker than the cocks (the ones that go cock-a-doodle-doo) and their screeching croaks start very early, most of the times disturbing my lovely dreams. I happened to go to the Bhagshala maidan for a pre-dawn stroll one day and from a long distance I could hear hundreds of frogs croaking distinctly, in unision. It was sortof scary! I hate frogs.

Ever since I was a little boy, I was always attracted to earthworms. I may not find puppies and cats ‘cute’ but I do think earthworms are (You should stop gauging me by conventional benchmarks). I remember grabbing them from everywhere – snailunder big rocks, on old brick walls or simply while wriggling across – and collecting them. I saw the first earthworm of this season in mom’s garden and I was thrilled (so was he, i think!)

Speaking of mom’s plants, they will soon be vulnerable to attacks from the mighty snails determined to gulp down every bit of greenery. I don’t love or hate snails, but I find them rather funny, with huge shells on their backs and crawling at – should we say – ‘snail’s pace’. However, they eat a lot and shit a lot, which is messy.

Welcome little friends 🙂

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  1. Gaurav Gaurav

    hey priyank,
    If u like J. Grisham stuff try readin the “The Testament” ……nice one

  2. gauri gauri

    you should come and visit my vermiculture box, it is full of earthworms! Snails are ekks.

  3. abe, earthworm ko noodles ki taraah khaayega kya?
    farmer’s best friends.

    Viva Snails!!

    Viva Cats, especially when they are kittens

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