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Caffeine calamity

coffeeThe coffee vending machine has become a necessity of life. Also, coffee from different machines tastes different. So let me correct the statement to – ‘The coffee vending machine which is on my floor has become a necessity of life’. Yeah that’s better.

So the other day, this machine failed to work. Probably because the whole office got salary raises, while this poor thing was left out. Human Resources department can be lousy at most of the times. How could they spare the coffee machine? No wonder the little thing revolted. However machines on other floors did not cooperate, instead they agreed to work overtime and serve coffee in lieu of this broken machine.
Now it was the employees’ turn, and we rejected that coffee instantly – frankly, it tasted awful. Talk about loyalty of the staff towards a machine and this may sound as the greatest example in history of coffee vending machines.

Ok, now don’t blame me for making you read this crappy write up. I haven’t had my coffee since morning, what else do you expect me to do??

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  1. Dude, no coffee! Bummer!

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