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krying in the kompartment

I was traveling to my office today afternoon. Being a Saturday, trains were comfortably empty and I was standing at the door. Standing next to me was a guy, probably in his late twenties, who boarded the train from Thane. From his dressing and accent, he sounded from some uptown Mumbai area. Poor guy… he was in tears and sobbing and all. He was repeatedly calling up his female friend, R, who was not entertaining his call. Apparently R had asked our guy to ditch S before he could be her boyfriend, but after some time R ditched him and went away with P.
Some (vanilla) excerpts from their loud talk:

“R, how can you do this to me, R?”
“I did so much for you…. I even stopped talking to S, but still you are getting unreasonable day by day. I can’t take this R”
“Don’t cut the phone R; I want to talk to you”
“Is that P? Is that P? Tell me! I can hear him in the background…. Are you with P? Answer me R”
“You want me to hang up? You want me to hang up? Why? So that you can go and hug P again?”
“You are so cheap R, cant you get enough of guys?”
“You created mistrust between me and S. Why did you do that? I had already told her exactly what you asked me to”
“I don’t want to talk to you R. Don’t ever call up again”
“R, I’m sorry. Talk to me please, I don’t want to hang up”

At that point, my destination (Kurla) arrived, and I got down.

I don’t understand how people, even at this age, can’t be in control of their emotions. Ok, now don’t get judgmental here. I’m all for sympathy towards the sobbing man, but the situation is too juvenile to sob about. All this melodrama is too filmi and artificial.

Nevertheless he provided some entertainment to everyone in the compartment by yelling, crying and blabbering about relationships among his friends. Meanwhile the telepone operator made money.

Is our ‘K’ queen reading this?

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  1. Krutika Krutika

    Please dont make fun of others’ situations. You never know it could have been very hurtful to that guy. I dont see why you have to blog about this personal stuff

  2. Ravi Ravi

    Thats hillarious! It must have been free entertainment for you guys in train.

  3. Ash Ash

    Oh I like the story… Krutika i dont think this is making fun. He is just telling an incident… good…

  4. @ Krutika: Chill! Nobody is making fun here. The point of blogging this incident was not to insult the guy’s feelings. My message was –
    (1) Don’t get into anything which is beyond your capacity. Big problems cannot occur overnight, it takes time for the rice to cook.
    (2) Lying is always bad. Lying just because some other person asks you to – thats worse
    (3) Maintain composure while negotiation. Crying and begging may give you what you want, but is there no self respect?
    (4) If things don’t work, accept them. Nothing (and no one) is perfect.
    Anyway, I apologize if it has hurt you.

    @ Ravi: yeah dude, it was too much. I was trying to control myself.

    @ Ash: बाळा, लहान मुलांसाठी ही गोष्टं नाहीये… :))

  5. Ash Ash

    for your KIND information mi mulga nahi mulgi aahe.. !!!!
    and lahan? kon boltay bagha ;!!

  6. WiseGuy WiseGuy

    Mr. Thatte – people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at others.

    History visarlat ka??

  7. @ Ash: OK I give up. (damn! girls always win!)

    @ WiseGuy: abey chal, तुझी गोष्टं काही फार वेगळी नाही… :p

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