Mom stakes claim to the computer.

When dad first got a computer in 1999 for using at home, he was the only person using it. I had a mouse-phobia, which I overcame after six months. Then I started discovering Windows 3.1 on a black and white 486 DX2 machine.

My learning curve rose exponentially until 2004 when my younger sister also started using the machine. By ‘use’ I mean real work and not just playing games. Although my territory was intruded, yet I had not lost the dominance.

In 2005, dad achieved partial freedom by buying a new laptop. Now it was only me and my sister who would share the home computer. Dad has occasional office work.

However, in Jan 06, my mother finished learning the basics of word, internet and email. She also knows how to type Marathi in Unicode. That’s great, but terrible for me. Now I can no longer assume the availability of home computer. There are 3 others who challenge my claim.

Live example of how we run out of resources.

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