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Aum Namah Shivay

Today morning’s little bicycle trip with G and R to Shiva Temple in Ambernath (approx 20 km away) started a little late, but was enjoyable!

Bullock cart and a haystack

The road leading to Barvi dam, flanked on two sides by water pipelines, is full of ups and downs. Tiny hamlets dot the region.


Aum Suryaya namah

Aum Namah Shivay
We reached the Shiva Temple in about eighty minutes. As seen in the picture, at the moment the temple is being renovated. I hope they don’t paint it in gaudy oil based colors.

The temple is pretty old. Here is some information:

This exquisite temple was got built by Chittaraja—a king of the Silhara dynasty—in the late 11th century. An inscription above the north-facing door of the temple states Saka 982 (1060 AD) as the date of construction.

and we couldn’t help pity the sorry state of maintenance…

An Archaeological Survey of India board at the site states that the Ambarnath temple is “perhaps the oldest shrine dedicated to Shiva in the coastal parts of Maharashtra.” However, continued worship at the temple is affecting its beauty. Devotees still burn incense in the alcoves and pour milk over the Nandi idol. Some restraint on their part might allow their great grandchildren also to see the temple in its full glory.
Read further (Sunday Tribune – Spectrum – Travel)

Return road

After some tea and vada-pav, we headed back thru a rustic path.
(This photo reminds me of high school mathematics – “Parallel lines meet at infinity”)

Three bicycles

Three machines.

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