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Judgment unrestrained

Sand Art
What may seem to be a tiny droplet of rain to you and me could in fact be a giant lake for an ant. Incriminating!, may some declare if they see you wearing ‘short’ skirts. Perhaps the world will perpetually argue the case of a terrorist and a freedom fighter.

Most of our judgments are based on relative definitions. In the absence of measured characterization, one seems to compare behaviors based on the examples of self proclaiming liberalists, the reddest of the communists or the most ruthless authoritarian laws. The understanding of the extent of goodness or badness of any event therefore is subject to limitless deviation. Of course, when I say ‘deviation’, again I am expecting something different from what I believe is right.

So pardon me (at the risk of sounding like a saint) when I say that most of us humans are trapped inside the barriers that we created around ourselves. Should we allow these confined souls sufficient space to wander wildly before arriving at a verdict?

At the same time, isn’t it true that this is what makes us unique individuals?

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  1. trisha trisha

    what were you reading when you wrote this Priyank?am really curious to know.have you learned to suppress this self or think differently or have you become more of a manager since then,wonder. 🙂

  2. Trisha:
    I don’t remember anything! In fact I forgot having written something like that!
    This post was in mid 2005. In last 2.5 years I have changed a lot… LOT!

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