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Soft Luck

Feng Shui - Lucky Bamboo

I’ve decided to get lucky… (nah, not that way! 😉) by ‘buying’ the lucky bamboo – the feng shui thing. I saw it at one of my friends place and clicked this photograph. I heard it brings luck. Not willing to hassle with office watchdogs, I had to content myself with keeping ‘soft copy’ of the bamboo plant in my computer instead of having a real one on my desk. So, I’ve been sporting it as my desktop wallpaper in office computer for three months now.

Although I don’t claim to have got lucky, I admit nothing has gone wrong either.

Feng Shui - Chinese

Therefore I decided to go full throttle and act superstitious by attempting to purchase the plant – arrival of the New Year would be a good pretext to escape the suspicion that I’ve got superstitious. Smart boy (I like to keep saying that).

Bad luck though. The seller at the store said that I can’t buy a lucky bamboo for myself. Someone else needs to gift it to me. Hmm… what a brilliant strategy, I thought, to double the sales – probably I’ll have to find another jackass and we’ll have to buy lucky bamboos for each other.

Too much work. I’d rather stick with the ‘soft copy’. Does anyone want it? I’m willing to email it ‘directly’ to you ! Think about it – hard luck comes often, but did you ever have soft luck?

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  1. sri sri

    You have good taste abt your website & blogs.
    Please the lucky bamboo ‘soft copy’. Can you also send the script used for the php, this leave a comment and tell me how I can config in my site.


  2. hey, how did I miss this one?…its a lovely song like piece complete in itself…style is post 2006 tho…love it and taking it back to class, thanx…they wd read this n transcreate/xplore a trivia in their lives inways they want to 🙂

  3. Sri,
    I had sent you an email reply

    Post-2006 style?? 😕 I am totally puzzled!! But you are taking it back to class- wow!

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