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I don’t understand the reason why I’m suddenly fascinated with everything Russian. Series of events, one after the other in a short span lead to this situation. I think KGB is up to something.

SovietIt all started when I first read the works of Ayn Rand, a Russian girl who escaped from the strong fisted arrival of the communists and found solace in capitalist USA. Her works in objectivism and individualism are scathing attacks on communist thinking. The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957) are masterpieces. What I liked more was her lighter work – We the Living (1936) which was a fiction close to her own story. It described the destruction of Russian society just before and post Red revolution.

Next I saw this video tape made by my friend on his (official) visit to Russia. Apparently India and Russia are (still) cooperating on a number of new technology research and development. Of course, since the Soviets collapsed, they can no longer afford to maintain their arsenals of weapons, so I guess they are sugar coating them and selling them off to (poor) countries like India (who are more than willing to buy. Yuck! What a sloppy defense policy we have, more about it later.).Moscow

Third, I came across this friend who ate Red, spoke Red and shit Red. He tried to brainwash me and convert me into a Communist. Unfortunately he was ill prepared. I was already a Socialist, and so it was me who ended up in brainwashing him later. Hah!

Fourth, I went to a book sale, and they were selling the (I should say this in bold) whole set of works of Leo Tolstoy (end bold) for dirt cheap price of Rs. 100. My eyes sparkled, and I also picked up Maxim Gorky. (No it wasn’t a combined offer). The books were too heavy, but I am still burning the midnight oil to finish them.
Democracy or Bread
Fifth and this is the biggest reason to blame for – Russians themselves! I know my interest in girls is seasonal and viola! its Russia time now. I don’t remember what I watched – it could be American porn or maybe something on movie or TV. Russians are so rosy rosy, and their names sound so sexy.

Yeah this should go separately – for a long time I thought that Russian language contains only V, K, N, R, Y, Z. I like Indian names with those sounds, so do I like Russian names too – people, places, whatever. Their accent turns me on. There was this guy, who was in college for exchange, I didn’t know if he was a male or a female, because he was very girlish. He spoke funny but really I felt like kissing him. (Nah I’m just exaggerating, come on, don’t judge me. I am very comfortable with my sexuality)

Honestly, but I still wonder – what makes people live in freezing and inhospitable places like Siberia. Phew!

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  1. Manisha Manisha

    Agreee !!
    I have this thing for Russian soldiers… they are so pink and red cheeks and their eyes are so beautiful.
    I want to buy one if possible. hahaha!

  2. Ash Ash

    बरं ! नविनच कळलं !!

  3. Rishab Agrawal Rishab Agrawal

    HUH? You are a communist? No you call yourself socialist. F* its all the same bullshit, you are just trying to hide. Enough of soviet influence on our country, we are already in a bad state due to them

  4. Kirti Kirti

    Bad state? Sovietw influence? Grow up Rishab, they everytime supported us against US always. Yes due to their selfish reaons, but why not. Bad that it collapsed, ussr if today we would have less problems in world due to usa

  5. श्रीकांत रयळे श्रीकांत रयळे


    तुमची लेखन शैली मला आवडली. विशय पण चांगला आहे. तुम्ही महत्वाच्या मुद्द्यांना स्पर्श केला व पिल्लू सोडले हे माझ्या लक्षात आलंय.


  6. @ Manisha: Ok deal. Lets sponsor a trip to India for a Russian couple. You take one, I take other. (naughty) Please tell your husband that I am innocent :)) I’m sure he is reading this.

    @ Ash: हो… मग! सगळ्या गोष्टी सगळ्यांना सांगायच्या नसतात !

    @ Rishab: Your comments are noted. If you want to have a discussion, you need to use a civilized language and be accommodative.

    @ Kirti: I agree. Too much of anything is bad. Either US or Communist. However, I feel capitalism is a lesser evil.

    @ श्रीकांत साहेब: धन्यवाद!

  7. Rishab Rishab

    Priyank: I have written private mail to you. pls reply

  8. Sengupta Sengupta

    Being from Bengal, a communist state on paper, we are familiar with this stuff. But I never had a fascination for Russia. Its a cold country with zombies drinking Vodka and sleeping with prostitutes. Haha, there goes the stereotypical image. I know its wrong, just kidding.

  9. @ Rishab: Replied. Thanks for the mail

    @ Sen: Stereotypes are bad. Few months back I met someone from US and he asked me if I have an elephant at home. Western media says only negative and funny things abt India too.

  10. Anna Anna

    Privet Priyank. I like your article. Good day

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