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Setting new highs

Conversations on IM are interesting!

V: hi… long time no see. whatsup?
final_transit: (replies after a long time) hey! arey was sortof busy re. and wokeup little late .
V: uh huh! sundays are meant for that
final_transit: yeah but four is a odd time, isnt it
V: thats early! i mustb e dreaming something good.. 😉
final_transit: four in the afternoon re – thats my new record
V: wow! too bad ..your sunday is screwed haha!

Nah, it’s not. Although I feel as bad as waking up prematurely after getting drunk previous night, thanks to Debu I’ve got tickets for newest Harry Potter movie – Goblet of Fire. I heard the movie is good and the cast is pretty.

So now on my timetable is:
18:30 Shower
19:00 Run for puja at friend’s place
19:30 Try to meet at a crowed place outside the multiplex
19:45 Start of movie
23:00 Dinner and back

PS: final_transit is my nick name

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  1. I’m back home in time. The movie was good. Unfortunately at the last moment we realised that the movie was in Hindi – “Harry Potter aur aag ka pyaalaa”.. ewh!

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