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ICICI Bank Credit Cards: Fraudulent Tactics – II

Update to my previous story: ICICI Bank Credit Cards: Fraudulent Tactics

ICICI Bank refused to accept my charges and insisted that they had supplied a product that I asked for. I in turn bluntly asked them “How did you manage to forge my signature?” I insisted on seeing the form personally and would not approach the consumer court only if I’m convinced.

Representative from Head Service Quality called and informed that they were ready with the form. She said she could courier it to me. Fine

I received copy of the application form allegedly filled by me. To my horror, the application form bore a signature which carried absolutely no resemblance to my signature. In simple words, it was a fake signature and a fake handwriting. A different form was filled without my consent and my signature was conveniently forged. Even my Form 16 was signed with forged signature.

SignatureSignature and Forms

I dashed an email to ICICI Bank Credit Cards – Head of Customer Service Quality. Expectedly I have received no response till date.

In these circumstances, I am determined to bring ICICI Bank’s fraudulent tactics to a public forum. I am in process of drafting a complaint letter to The Reserve Bank of India, with a CC to Newspapers (Times of India, Economic Times, Indian Express, Maharashtra Times, Lokasatta, Hindustan Times, Mid day, etc.) and of course a copy to my beloved bank.

I am also considering filing a case with the consumer court after some deliberations.

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  1. Amarendra Godbole Amarendra Godbole


    Just a thought – one does not need such a high credit limit. 300,000 INR is a way too high credit limit! I’d suggest a lower one, say, in the range of 40-60K. This way, you don’t end up losing lot of money if your cc is lost, and someone uses it. 🙂

    BTW, I am blogging post of yours’ at my LJ. (

  2. bharat bharat

    criteria for fixing a credit limit….depending upon personal circumstances, but must have protection in case if card got lost…makes no difference if it is 20 lacks either.

  3. Pushkar Mitra Pushkar Mitra

    Every private company is doing illegal work.there is no protection 4 consumers. my experience My dad is a CA.And he painted his house 2 years ago with Sunil Babu paint of Asian Paints………But within 2 years of painting our house has lost glory.paints have not worked year after year……..within 2 years it has captured moss………even washing is not working…….. We have spent lots of money for painting our house thinking it will work year after year……..but nothing happened……… Now who will compensate our loss…….. Now it is my advise to u “Don’t use Asian paints color……it will not keep ur house new year after year…… is a farce…….”

  4. satnam satnam

    Gud God these mofo must be screwed up to their necks man Even I suffered such stupid things under them and I also want to know y only in my case the bank was HDFC. Think even I should ask them y?

  5. cool cool

    u must fight it out, their fraudulent tactics need to be exposed.. even i m fighting my case .. first they bill u which is not due, then keep adding interest and after some time they say payment of bill not due but now interest is not waived n it keeps increasing every month.. they dont even respond properly to ur mails..

  6. monunair monunair

    there must be a fellow called banking ombudsman in mumbai. u may file a complaint to him first. eventhough a xerox copy of the documents u submitted would have been an added proof against the fraud comitted by the bank, other documents which support your original signature will be enough. Meanwhile keep the envelope with the courrier number on it also as a proof of the dispatch made by the bank. I think it will be worthwhile if u seek legal opinion to sue the bank for all inconvenience caused to u.

  7. KSR KSR

    Its your mistake buddy. You should have taken xerox of all the forms before handing it over to the concerned person, with his signature. That wouldn’t have allowed them to commit a crime like this. Now how are you going to prove and even if you prove, its waste of your time and money, at court.

  8. Amar Mhaskar Amar Mhaskar

    Hi All.
    I have a card from sbi,,,,,
    They are all the same i know…from past 1 year i havent recevied my statement,,after continious follow ups i was thrown a reply that my adress was changed ,,and about the change of adress sbi know better than me i guess.i have the same adress from past 5 years.
    the warning letter to pay the minimum amount due is dilivered at the so called old adress properlyy…i mean i wanna say wats goin ,,,and for the delay of payment for the full fault of the sbi,,,i am charged for the late payment charges.
    Can somebody help me please,,,,wat can i do for this…
    Thanks in advance..
    Amar Mhaskar.

  9. BG Varghese BG Varghese

    I am being harassed by ICICI since one year. For some reason, I defaulted the payment once and then onwards I am facing one problem or the other. I asked them to convert my outstanding into EMI, but they dont agree. Probably because they may lose interest. My card was blocked in Feb 2005, but every month Rs. 2500 to 2800 is added to my account as interest and other charges. They are not prepared to make a small adjustment. I am now approaching the Hon’ble Gujarat High Court to get justice. Anyone interested to join me, can contact me.

  10. I would suggest you file a complaint with your local police showing them the fraudulent documents.

    These fraudulent documents can be easily investigated with the help of Handwriting Experts and the person forging your signature can also be identified – essentially what is happening is that the forms are being filled by the DSA (Direct Selling Agents) of the banks – they are paid on the basis of the number of successful cards issued – not on the basis of customer satisfaction – so they follow “sharp” practices to increase turnover.

    In case you need help with the handwriting analysis etc. – please feel free to contact me offline and I will connect you to the right people.

    Best Regards
    Samir Datt
    Computer Forensics & Investigations
    Foundation Futuristic Technologies (P) Ltd.
    New Delhi

  11. Avinash Avinash

    I had same experience with HDFC Bank, I have got salary account with HDFC bank and they persued me for taking credit card. I took Gold credit card (I had promised that it will be free. actually this promise was made for all the employees of our company.) to my shock I received Silver card and I was also charged with subscription fee. So I followed bank and their card dision for many times, even our company HR who also was keeping close watch on it. At that point of time Card management said that we were not aware of it that you were given such offer as we have outsource the marketing of the card. So finally after 10 to 15 rounds of discussions, I decided to return card. I cut the card along with the long letter stating all the events taken place with chronological order and also with the name and contact no. of persons to whom I had several discussions. To my surprise I received call from Chennai saying that we will give this card free of cost and subscription charges will be reversed back. I received new card and after one month I received new statement in which they have revert back the charges.

    In all you should be firm and teach them lesson.

  12. Rajendra Joshi Rajendra Joshi

    The same thing happened with me at ABN Amro Bank. The Sales person forged my signature and it was like mine but the while doing that his hands shacked and on my complaint they did the enquiry but teh results are not yet communicated to me.

    Another credit card fraud happened with me was with citibank. On expiry of my card they couriered me the new card and it was never delivered to me. Somebody signed the delivery with first letter of my wife’s name and wiped the card for an amount more than 1 lac when my credit limit was only around 50,000. This thing is happening at large.

    I am having a credit card from ICICI bank and happy with it but scared to know that the irregularity is here also.

  13. Sumeet S Sumeet S


    It is quiet possibly the work done by the DSA (Direct Selling Agents) appointed by these banks. I work with a software company and we frequently get calls from various DSA’s regarding new credit cards, free cards, free air insurance, baggage insurance and what not. They also start with saying that your company XYZ has selected us for issuing Citibank free gold cards. But, we should not fall in their trap. Only if the cards are being offered through a mailer/confirmation from you HR, should you accept the card as a genuine corporate offer.

    While travelling in trains, I have seen young guys (maybe not graduates yet) filling up forms for ICICI, Citi etc and signing them as well one after the other. Beware of the DSA’s.


  14. vishnu vishnu

    O Fuck!
    i just gave the ‘go ahead’ to a tele-caller from ICICI yday.. she said im entitled to a gold card (free ofcourse!) on the basis of a good savings account record with them.
    i fell for it coz im jst 19 and dont hav a PAN or any ITR.. so obviously having a credit card in my own name gave me an incentive..
    But after reading the msgs on this forum im having serious doubts 🙁
    What if i receive my card along with a hefty billed amount!
    And since i havnent signed anywhere can i really be held liable to pay anything?

  15. Rashmi B Rashmi B


    I have been having a horrendous experience with the ICICI credit card section as well. After
    much pestering by the direct sales agents of ICICI, I applied for a credit card. After 2 months
    of bungling and passing the buck, I am yet to receive either the card or a proper explanation
    of what is happening. After 1 and a half months, and after innumberable calls from me, they
    said that my residence address verification had failed. When I asked them the address they
    used and when I pointed out that I don’t live in Timbaktu that they can’t find the house inspite
    of all the landmarks I had given, they have no answer. Realizing that they had messed up,
    the area sales manager assured me that they would restart the process and I would have the
    card in the next 5 days. 20 days have passed hence. Finally I called up the head – service
    quality in Mumbai ( I had even sent them 2 emails escalating the complaint, for which I
    obviously didn’t receive a response ), yesterday they tell me that I need to re-start the process
    yet again.

    This time, I am suing for damages – both ICICI and the direct sales agents in Bangalore called
    IForce. This is ridiculous. And I think someone needs to tell them in a hard way to stop
    taking consumer’s time and money for granted. Unless someone stands up and opposes them
    seriously, such gross acts of negligence and irreverence towards consumers will continue.

  16. I had horrible experience with icici bank credit cards even after paying the full amount and surrendering both the credit cards including add on cards an year back.I am being harrassed regularly telephonically and through correspondence asking me to pay the interest charges , service tax &Annual fee even after the cards have been surrendered
    an year back.
    Mrs H K RANA

  17. Mansi Chouhan Mansi Chouhan

    ICICI Credit Card Division has fraudulently blocked my salary Account No. XXXXXXXXXX with ICICI Bank.

    The bills raised by the credit card division are under dispute. On one hand I have received a settlement letter by the ICICI bank lawyer (Singh Associates, New Delhi) who told me to wait till July 7, 2008, while on the other hand the credit card division has in-between gone ahead and blocked Rs. 58, 000/- from my salary account on July 3, 2008, which they claim is theirs.

    My card was stolen on January 14, 2008 and I had immediately called the customer care and got the card blocked. Later I received a message stating someone has used the card and made a transaction of Rs 7, 800/-. I have been communicating to ICICI since January 4, 2008 to send me the bills, which I have the right to receive in order to make payments and requested for a new card. I have repeadly got my address and contact number change but to no vain.

    This has resulted in an outstanding of Rs 58, 000/- due to finance, late payment charges, service tax etc. which had been accumulating over the last 6 months due to ICICI’s negligence.

    I intend to lodge a FIR with Bangalore Police, the copy of the FIR will be sent to RBI/ Consumer Research Services in Ahmedabad, if the amount blocked is not reversed immediately.

    Ever since my card was stolen at a store in Bangalore and used by the thief, I have been communicating with ICICI’s customer services for 6 months, who have taken no interest in resolving the issue. I have written numerous mails to ICICI credit card division (copies attached). But they have been procrastinating and sending me bills in hap hazard manner with no break-up and not timely.

    I have got my address and contact number changed more than 6 times, but its ironic that the recovery calls come on my Bangalore number while the notice/ letters are sent to my old address which is no more valid.

    I refuse to acknowledge or pay Rs. 18, 000/- being claimed forcefully.

    Although I have communicated numerous times that I am extremely unhappy with the ICICI services and intend pay the total amount spent by me and settle my account, I also I feel threatened by the recovery process and being a woman will ask for police protection from ICICI sponsored goondas.

    Mansi Chouhan

  18. praveen praveen

    Dear sir

    I thank you for providing information on net, because i was planning for a free credit card. I have one suggestion for you, next time when the bank that provided free credit card to you communicates, immediatly legally terminate the credit card.


  19. Chandni Kumar Chandni Kumar

    ICICI ppl really sucks…..specially the credit card department.
    Most non cooperative ppl. I was forcibely given ICICI prudential card from credit card department and when i said i dont need it then that women said tht please dont say in front of Prudentail ppl else they will deduct 1000 rs frm ur account. She said accept it from them and call me back along with the policy number , i will refund ur money.
    I called her and gave her my policy number and she said tht it will be rufunded but it got deducted from my account. Now i m trying to call that women and she is not picking up my phone. And ICICI prudentail ppl are also behaving the way. Mam we cant do anything and all tht shit

  20. Suheel Suheel

    i have a HDFC credit card, which was stolen few days back and before i reported to bank, about 10k shopping was done on my card. now bank has asked me fill the card dispute form after investigation they will be able to tell me the status, wheather i have to pay them or not and also is their any procedure by which i ll be able to know who has stolen my card or can he/she be caught. please someone to reply me.

    • Hi Suheel, Thanks for your comments, however I am just a user and unable to help you in this regard. All the best.


    can i apply for a credit card on the basis of ITR

  22. Below is the letter which I had sent to ICICI bank.This gives you all the whole story how ICICI bank sucks and trapp the cutomers.


    I had lots of rumors about ICICI Bank that they make a plan to trap the customers by making a fool of it. NOw I come to know that it is true. Before this I use to say ICICI Bank provides a very good customer service but now it is a bullshit.

    Unfortunately I had a account with your Bank. Also I had a credit card for the same.I agree that I was unable to make payment against my dues of creidt card.It is not purposely but unfortunatly as I am facing lots of financial problems. Still I had never regret to pay the amount. Yesterday I got a call from one of your executive for the payment. I had told him that due to some circumstances I was not able to make the payment.But I will try to make full and final settlement next week.He agreed on this. He also suggested me that if not possible to make full payment pay minimum amount E.G.7000 TO 8000 and make remaining amount in two instalment. I assure him that I will try to make full payment itself. He agree on this. Today I deposited Rs.5000/- in my account. When I checked balance I was shocked to see neagative balance. Without giving any intimation Rs.83000/ approx was debited in my account( It was blocked) I come to know when I had called customer care for the same.

    Well when I had made a call to customer care and discussed about the same, the guy told me that this should be not done with out giving you any intimation.He also told be to be online so that he can transfer the call to credit dept as it is there matter. Well I was kept on hold for around 10 mins.I had to disconnect and make another call. When shouted the girl on call transfered the call to concerned dept ( credit dept).The guy Shriniwas attended the call and gave me another NO.XXX so that I can call on that number and speak to Mr. Prashant Chaurasia.When called XXX I come to know Mr.Prashant Chaurasia is no more working with ICICI. The guy over there gave me another NO.XXX to speak to Mr.Yogesh. When caled on that number Mr>Yogesh had asked my credit card number and told me to call on XXX to speak to Mr.Awadesh Mishra. When called Mr. Mishra he told me it has been done from Mumbai so I need to call customer care.

    Again I called to customer care,the lady over there told me that it is a rule under credit card terms and cinditions that the payment is not made the account gets blocked.She told me it is clearly mentioned on the form.Your executives call us pitches us for credit cards. Then the executive comes to our office or home to collect the documents and sign on the form. They always mention good things they never mentioned about this< account would be blocked.etc.

    So now told me what a bullshit services you guys are providing to the customer. I knowm there are many coustomers who tells you that do whatever you want to do I am not going to make the payemnt.But how about the customers who want to pay but requires little more time.

    I am thinking to forward the same mail to all leading newspaper so that some other does not get cheated like this. What if I met with an accident , or have an heart attack after checking such negative balance.How you guys are going to get the money?



    • Amar, thanks for the note, I hope the problem gets solved real soon, it sounds real bad.

  23. Jatin Das Jatin Das

    Tactics to Recover Banks Loans in India Raises Ethical Concerns

    ICICI uses a team of goons from NCR region. One chap is Pal Singh Rath, he sometimes calls ICICI consumers for loan recovery and tells them he is an investigation officer from Patiala Court Delhi, sometimes he says he is sub inspector in CP Police station. His numbers are XXX and XXX. One is advocate Pradhan, he says he will send police to your premises and they will take you to Tihar jail, his number is XXX and XXX n XXX. one is Amit Choudhary, he is also a fake government officer and ICICI goon, his numbers are XXX and XXX and 011-40442229 and XXX

    • Hi Jatin, Thanks for the comment. However, I am going to remove the phone numbers from your comment for privacy reasons. If someone needs them, I will ask them to get in touch with you.

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