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ICICI Bank Credit Cards: Fraudulent Tactics

**Story updated here: ICICI Bank Credit Cards: Fraudulent Tactics – II**

How ICICI Bank Credit Cards employ fraudulent means to sell cards

After a number of calls by ICICI Credit Cards marketing department, I agreed to get a credit card. On 18-Sep-05. The ICICI bank representative collected a fully filled credit card application form, copy of Form 16 and a photograph from my residence.

On completion of a number of verification rounds, I received my credit card on 01-Oct-05. To my utter dismay I was handed a product that I never asked and additionally, was charged fees for it.

Here are the details-

1. Solid Gold Credit Card

Applied for: Solid Gold card with international transactions and credit limit of Rs. 3 lakh. (my form 16 was already studied)
What I got: Silver card with credit limit of Rs. 28,000. I have no clue if this is valid for international transactions.

2. Lifetime Free credit card?

Promised: Lifetime Free card. Clearly marked on the application form.
Reality: Yearly fees charged.

3. Insurance

Promised: Insurance cover, subject to T&C.
Reality: No details received.

4. Demand for Salary slip

Why demand another copy of salary slip / Tax return when I already have submitted one?

5. Internet Banking

No details of Internet banking received.

6. Photo-identity

Applied for: Credit card with Photo identification. Submitted required photo.
Reality: No photo on card.

The ‘welcome’ letter was signed by Mr. Madhavan B, Business Head – Cards. I complained immediately via e-mail and was responded by Mr. Ramanaiah B J (Customer Service Officer ICICI Bank Limited), Mr. Krishnapriya, (Customer Service Officer) and one Ms. Bhakti Mulay (Head- Service Quality office). They have simply stopped responding since last week.

My request was simple – Give me the product I applied for. If not, return all documents to me.

As on 12-Oct-05, 12 days have passed and my complaint has not been addressed. Now this message is being sent to grievance cells of prominent newspapers, online websites, forums etc.
Next week I shall approach the Consumer Court.

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  1. anuj anuj

    its true! even ive got a credit card statement from ICICI for around Rs 8 only.God knows what the hell it is.But we nver had & never applied for a credit card!

  2. jitin jitin

    ICICI Bank is one of the best banks in India. I hope ur problem will be solved soon. I am a very happy customer of ICICI Bank.

    • namrata namrata

      Sounds more like you are an employee or getting paid to do some social marketing for ICICI….

    • technoshumi technoshumi

      sounds as if ur promoting ICICI bank which nothing more than a replacement of our age old baniyas in a refined and polished manner!!!
      Hope the officers at ICICI are listening so that they help u in future if u have any issues as we did…

    • Varun Varun

      ICICI bank is the worst bank in INDIA.
      I don’t understand why people use there any product.
      There policy is misleading.
      Customer care people’s behaviour is third class.
      There charges are high and hidden.
      Recovery agents are pathetic.

      In this bank for any problem nobody will co-operate you.
      And never go for any verbal communication,always get every thing in writing.
      Because these people will cheat you.Never trust any customer care people later on they will deny.

      Best thing avoid ICICI,you are paying money man and if you are not getting proper service than what is the point.ICICI people will not talk properly even with you once there motive is fullfiled.
      And there motive is to add clients after that they won’t care for your any problem.

  3. monunair monunair

    see today’s rediff headlines.ICICI bank goondaism has been criticised by the court. Delhi Consumer court has directed the bank to pay a customer the cost of a scooter, rs.20,000 penalty and Rs.1000 as legal fees reimbursement..It is high time that these arrogant banks are put to place

  4. Arif Hasan Arif Hasan

    same with me, ater taking the xerox of my gold card which i was holding for 2 years they gave me a limit of 10,000. thats it….

  5. ahamed ahamed

    rightly said, i have suffered the same way with icici bank though am a privileged customer, harassment is too much. no complaints r entering their ears.

  6. indiatimes indiatimes

    It s igood to see some one has come up with the issue, I also appiled for a credit card but luckily I have not received it yet.

    And even after I applied the servicing sales associates kept calling and asked if I wasnted an ICICI card.

    The same was promised bu tI have checked with the website to revela that my application has been rejected. I was very particular about not having a card but unduly they have discredited my credit rating by not giving one.

    Anyways I am happy now that what you have portrayed I have been saved…

    Good post…

    -a blog reader

  7. bsv bsv

    I actually wanted to apply for an ICICI Credit Card with free lifetime annual fee, so just browsed the internet for any feedback with this offer, fortunately I found this and I am not going to entertain their Sales reps to collect my details.

    I have had similar experience with StandChart bank, their claim is also that its free lifetime, I have got the card but with the limit of just 28,000, its been more than a month since I received my credit card, I have not used their card yet and not interested to use also for the simple reason the limit is just not good.

  8. mayuresh mayuresh

    priyank very good move and i think you should move to consumer court if they dont entertain you in next couple of days. personally i had very very bad experience with ICICI so i moved to HSBC bank . Thanks for sharing your experience . I just applied to HSBC for credit card so I have to be more carefull.

  9. N.S Karandikar N.S Karandikar

    good to know young generatiuon is very pro active in these matters. contact me if any need arises. i shall definitely try to help. regards

  10. Sachin Apte Sachin Apte

    This is not only with ICICI, Infact the system through which these banks are approaching the customers needs to be addressed. Many a bsnks including ICICI has employed sales executives from a mere ssc pass background. They are asked to collect the documents irrespective of what they tell their customers. The Banks forget that their reputation is going for a toss while doing so.

  11. Abhijit Abhijit

    I agree with all you guys. The banking industry empowerd by the fact that India has a poor judiciary is trying all ways to get more and more people to use their own cards. In this they end up harrassing people at workplace and god forbid if they get ur cell phone number then its trouble 24/7. In this regard it was really endearing when CNBC took up the issue of collection by these banks and showed live footage that these banks employ if u r not able to pay the dues. Even RBI has stepped in to say that unsolicited calls are punishable, but again the banks continue to make these calls, largely because they know that a working person does not have the time to take a day off and file a complaint.

    I myself have been getting calls from ICICI offering me gold credit card, and as a proof they say they need the xerox of my Citibank Gold Card! I said I will give them aftr rubbing out the card number to which I am yet to receive any feedback from them. But after reading this I am sure I gonna just have fun with these guys! Maybe give them a dummy non-existent card number 😉 If they can play with me, so can I with them 😀

    As for you priyank, I will say that you report about this to RBI on their grievances cell. Google it and you thou shall find it. My uncle had a similar problem with stanchart and on complaining on RBI site, they responded in a day. It seems the banks are terrified of being prosecuted by RBI.

    Finally if you are approaching consumer court then I would suggest filing a joint complaint with other harrowed customers of ICICI. That way you will spruce up the importance of the issue and maybe even get it covered by CNBC again!

  12. ashutosh joshi ashutosh joshi

    this is quite shocking. i heard an incidence about ICICI Bank’s loan recovery system also which was done by Gunda’s in mumbai.

  13. Anand Pendse Anand Pendse

    rightly said, i have suffered the same way with icici bank..
    harassment is too much. no complaints r entering their ears.
    They r keep tasting Pastions of Customers

  14. Quantity over quality, that’s what the banks are aiming for. Rightly so. They’re a business, they will do what they have to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the actions of the mentioned bank but it’s a corporate entity.

    What we as readers must do is spread awareness about such corporates so that the Quantity over quality mantra is reversed. Infact, I want to start such a blog myself and report my horrific incidents with the, as described above “empowered”, corporates.

  15. jaco gude jaco gude

    Im a happy client of icici bank
    Its a hitech bank. its difficult for those who cannot evolve to survive among new trends and sophistications.
    fools follow the band wagon of negatives. learning the higher standards of banking will definitely solve all these problems

  16. balasubramanam s balasubramanam s

    this is with my credit card with icici, my balance was 20000 and i was looking to foreclose but none of them really supported me, i tried my best for 4 months, but i gave up, willing them to come back to me, they used to call me and ask me to pay only the interest not for foreclose, finally i had to change my residence, but since it was a new layout i couldnt update the address, so a group people came to my place and threatened my parents and took my mobile number.
    i want to log a complaint with this, but since i dont have adequete proof, i cant, so please someone help me with this.

  17. Keshava Kumar Keshava Kumar

    Even other Credit Cards in the fray offer poor services.

    Card: Stanchart

    Issue: Stanchart is notccooperating to resolve an issue with one my international transactions. This is pending with them for the past 3 months.

    Customer has given details of amount credited back to my account and provided their contact details to resolve the issue. However, Stanchart is insisting that i need to pay the amount, despite giving all the proofs. They are not ready to talk to the customer [it looks like they can not make international call] to resolve the issue. I am interested in taking legal action [Harassment case]. If anybody can help me with this, i really appreciate it.
    If i can get contact details of their guys, it will be useful.

  18. The story continues. I was approached by he reps of thebank claiming that I was eligible for a platinium card based on my bank account balance etc. The reps came here got a load of forms filled by me and came thereafter at unearthly hours for address proof etc. This happenned around two months ago and after these month they have conviniently told me that I am not eligible for a card and the reasons are withheld with the bank. This tops the level of ineffficency that any institution can go to. I unfortunately hold two bank accounts with this bank and wonder will happen next.
    I am now determined to start a blog and get the maximum possible coverage to this incident as I am sure that there are others out there just like me.
    The only consolance is that I am saved from getting a stupid product on offer.

  19. Mohnan Mohnan

    I was getting calls from ICICI of course from other banks also,offering life time Dold credit card,I was denying them, as few days went the frequency were more from different no and different females and Males. I wa s stubborn in not taking the card so,One fine day I deceided to stop this nonsense when the call came for Credit card and Personal loans (as though they have DD ready on Hand and giving it free) I just say He died 2 days back and continue are u his friend or girl friend pl. leave your address and Name attand the function of his 11th day,and eat lunch.

    This is my reply for everybody now & there are no calls.


    Another trick I do is I simply shout saying you people have no other work,only place you all have not come to sell your product is my Toilet,I think this also will happen soon the lady at the other end will chuck down the phone.


  20. Mohnan Mohnan

    I wish to Share a JOKE done by ICICI this bank will Issue DD not in requested Name will be issued in your streets Name,to share I am writing the letter I wrote the Bank:
    NOTE:Dr.Ragvan Colony is the address DD was Isssued in favour of Dr.Ragavan.c. Here C Intial turns to Colony.

    May I bring to your kind notice I requested for a DD in My Favor as U.Mohnan, payable at Chennai I received the DD in STREETS NAME AS DR.Ragcavan.C. DD no: 996361,Dt:03.12.2005.for Rs.20, 000/ on 05.12.2005. I requested customer care officer phone banking to cancel the said DD and re issue a fresh DD in my favor that they promised to do it and I will get it on Saturday 10.12.2005.
    Until Monday I did not receive the DD asked them about the DD cancellation and reissue of new DD the customer care office Mr.Mohinder says it will take 15 days Min for cancellation of the DD and issue of fresh new DD will be taken up once the DD is cancelled so I will Have to wait until 15.12.2005. And wait for another 15 days for the DD?
    Pl.kindly issue at the earliest, If customer makes a small mistake you fine him, If same bank does it is called as technical delay or fault I don’t which branch Engineering is applied here. I committed certain things basing to the DD I receive now it is late by 12 days due to technical mistake, CAN I FINE THE BANK NOW.
    Pl.Take up this matter as urgent and issue me the DD in favor of U.MOHNAN, Payable at Chennai.
    The following are the Req Nos given by the Phone banking officers: (1) SR1013210306; (2) SR1013527700.

    With regrets


  21. aravind aravind

    the credit card companies are bound by the rules that they have to send the statement within seven days and the online statement within 4 days from the end of the period. but not one of the statements are being sent on time and they are being sent at their will. rbi has to see that there is even more stringent measures to be taken. its our repsonsibility to see that these banks should be made accountable for their actions.

  22. Mohnan Mohnan

    Can I write other bank’s credit card tricks they adopt.

  23. senthilvelan senthilvelan

    as you said i am struggling for solve my issue but nobody in their system to solve my problem.

  24. Sangs Sangs

    Hi Friends,

    is any one have important persons emails id who is taking care of credit cards? please fwd me those id, since past one year i am struggling to settledow the isuue with icici. custmr care number is useless after waiting 30-40 min also we are not able to get then online.

    please help me in this regards


    Subject Matter :- Public issue of ICICI Bank Limited worth Rs 5750 Crores, closed on 6th December 2005 was based on false information and concealing the true facts in their red herring prospectus in regards to the criminal court case No. 1648/2001 pending in the court of law at Jaipur against them including their Chairman, Managing Director and other senior official u/s 420, 120-B and 500 of Indian Penal Code, after dismissal of their revision petition by the Hon’ble High Court of Rajasthan at Jaipur bench, Jaipur on 18.07.2005.
    In order to mislead and cheat the public at large for selling their shares of a face value of just Rs 10/ for the price of Rs 525/- per share, they also abuse the Indian Judiciary System by rising false allegations against the Hon’ble High Court of Rajasthan at Jaipur Bench, Jaipur, in contemptuous manner, in front of more then 1000 millions persons, vide their declaration on oath, in red herring prospectus circulated among the public of India, in order to achieve their illegal motives.

  26. Manoranjan chowhan Manoranjan chowhan

    I am user of ICICI credit card that was issued to me one year ago.For last 6 months I am not using the credit card but I got some sms from ICICI bank that I have to pay a bill of Rs5085 and the last date for the same is 10th feb 2006.However I have sent the complaint to ICICI bank through their website about the same.
    I feel ICICI bank uses fraudulant means to harass the customers so there should be united effort from customers to fight this illegal trend.
    I also need your help to know what is best way to avoid the harrasment of this kind.

  27. Dear sir,
    I have didn’t get monthly statement from December 2005 ,jan 06,feb06 monthly every statement .i try to telephone them that is very length of calls so meny options asked time dealy than that closed . plese show how to apply on my e mail trancations deal ;to minimise to telephone leanthly proses or with cell phone to talk them with us in Hyderabad my ICICI Credit card No : 5176-3770-2570-2003 so meny my friends suffer this problem pl.correct this issue

    my full address
    H.No: 20-99 bombay colony Ramachandrapuram Near pochamma temple Pin 502032
    thanking you sir

  28. Dr.Nalin Bhatia Dr.Nalin Bhatia

    ICICI bank is the worst bank that we’ve come across with pathetic conditions for a credit card. i have recetly met with an accident which has left me bedridden. i am retired from the Indian Army and they are’nt giving me a credit card without any reason…my provodent fund check was to come to ICICI bank which they’ve lost and are’nt even giving details.i am just 26yrs but i know ICICI claims that”hum hain na” are nothng but BULLSHIT.

  29. Sarita Sarita

    Really this credit card people are bugging and torturing us …. i had a credit card of Citibank when given they said that it is lifetime free and then later charged me , they never sent ,e a statement even after repeated calls to them then later i call took I PIn no from them and from that calcualted the aoiunt due to them deducted all the charges becasue if they dont send the statement why should i pay it after thgat wrote letter to their Chennai Department but then no response after nearly one month they are like if u want to close pay the all the maount i said why should i apy interest so they kept donw the phone

    and agin one guy called varun called me he is like this si the amount you have made purchases i said no i ahev not made and if i have made fine tell me the details , he is like no i wont give details u pay or i will send you the court notice this is the way they speak first of all their fault and then again they speak rudely really there should eb some solution for all this

  30. abhi abhi

    Hi Guys,
    I wrote to [email protected] and got my issue resolved. Why don’t you guys do that and your issues will be resolved in no time


  31. Rajeev Kumar Rajeev Kumar

    • Dear All,
    ICICI bank is no way safe to keep saving in to our account .ICICI Bank Credit Card Division with their DSA and collection agent having a great association with bank it self to impose any offer policy without customer confirmation and will charge in your statement .till you contact customer care and clarify they will impose heavy interest charges.and soon you will get life threat from their agents, you will not be able to do any thing.If you refuge to pay they will find your saving account In icici bank and with the help of icici bank network and create forged request AUTO DEBIT FACILITY for payment and on-line they will transfer your saving money amount to credit card account. i mate around 100-125 persons every month .
    So it is my request to all of the Existing ICICI Bank INDIA customer to Pl maintain bare minimum balance in your account and transfer your saving to other bank account which is safe .Like PNB,UTI BANK Etc.
    Because you can not get any help from Police also as this type of fraud and cheating is not having any restriction and Law against them in India.
    My advice to all – Avoid ICICI as far as possible. Many people predict that the bank would collapse in a few years from now. Have a account with any nationalized bank.
    Personally, I have an account with SBI and keep a minimum amount in ICICI

    Rajeev Kumar

  32. Amy Amy

    icici bank officials are all bastards born to sluts.

  33. ICICI Service team ICICI Service team

    Dear Mr. Rajeev Kumar,

    We request you to provide the details of your issue to us at [email protected].
    We assure you that we will try and resolve the query to your satisfaction.

    Service quality manager

    • ankush singh ankush singh

      Comment deleted by administrator for violating the comment policy.

  34. spsahay spsahay

    dear friends
    if u are harrased by any bank for credit card or loan repayment just e mail me with details and your phone no. we will look after this matter. we are running ngo against this malpractise of banks and we have lawyers attached with us to look after this. so in case of any harrasment just e mail us.

    • alok alok

      I am being mentally tortured by ICICI Bank regarding credit card issue. They keep charging interest inspite of paying them money on time. recently they deducted 20,000 rupees from my icici bank account without informing and they credited this amount against my credit card and now they are trying to justify themselves.

  35. Hanumantha Rao Hanumantha Rao

    I am Mr K.Hanumantha Rao savings a/c holder in your bank at panjagutta branch with a/c number 020201003278, I have made online transfer from my account to one of my friends a/c on dated 11/8/2006 sum of rupees 2700/- to SBH balanagar branch a/c number 000052065314336 and the account holder name is Mr T.Krishana Mohan. and the amount is not been credited yet when i met ICICI staff at begumpet branch and also with the customer care they gave me a RBI reference number and they were saying that it was cleared with them and the problem may be at the beneficiary’s bank i went to SBH balanagar branch they have searched all the EFT files received for the month of August but there were no EFT’s to the beneficiary a/c and i even met the SBH Service branch at Gunfoundary they also checked all the EFt files nothing was on the beneficiary’s name and i have mailed the same issue to account manager ICICI bank through my net banking login and i received a mail stating for the time of 2 working days to solve this but its been more than 15 working days but nothing is been done.

    Pls let me know how could this issue will be solved pls do the needful

  36. Mukesh Yadav Mukesh Yadav

    I am Mukesh Yadav if any body want to know abot any credit card pboblem i promise that you will………………sat../……………./…………thanks and use all bans credit card …………….credit card is your real life………………i …………you can write mail than i will call/mail thanks again…..Mukesh

  37. My contac no is 9811565705 I need a DSA of Collection agency or Credit card devision

  38. I was using ICICI Bank credit card .made transactions in lakhs n paid for it …when they suddenly charged me twice for a transaction done with (5400/- on 08/09/07) I paid for the single Genuine transaction (other was a mistakenly charged twice for the same amount same date from same company) The Bank agreed that it was a mistake and would do the needful.
    I was suprised when their Goons started calling me and abusing me to pay the amount or face the cosequences. they even started using filthy language even the female callers. Then they started coming home and harrasing my family.
    When a customer Care person from my bank called, he told me to tell them that the issue is solved and I have spoken to the bank.
    But still the Abusive phone calls and the Goons have not stopped from calling and visiting my premises, causing a lot of harrasment and mental peace.
    This is also reflecting in my online credit rating and shows to other banks and Institutions when they see my Credit rating online creating a wrong impression about me.
    this episode has jolted me like a Bolt from the blue, I would never ever do business with this bank at any cost again.
    They don’t even have a mechanism wherein I can go personally meet some authorised people and get the matter Solved. All correspondence is either through phone or Fax, without anything concrete proof in writing with me. So they can easily deny as per their whims n fancy.

  39. Martin Martin

    Hi Every body,

    I got a call form ICICI bank asking for payment, As I had some issue in pying my dues, I told the lady executive that I will not pay the dues unless my issue is sorted out.When I said I will not pay the dues she started absuing me with bad words.Where should I complaint regarding this, the call was from an in-house call centre of ICICI and the call was made by an off roles executive.Anybody have any idea about, where should the complaint be launched.

  40. shakil ahmed shakil ahmed

    One of my client have ditto problems. I have sent a legal notice to icici lombard insurance and also credit cards also .I shall appreciate any info and message against icici credit card fraud by bank itself thanks

  41. mahesh kumar mahesh kumar

    i applied for credit card and approval phone coming from delhi and chennai after that representative come and collect my document this takes one month but executive tell me for 15-20 days if i see my status online than no responce provided i calling on customer care than they reply me that by my birth date no responce shown. than what can i do because icici credit card executive collect self attested document of my self
    please also tell me my application status

  42. Sharon Young Sharon Young

    I,m trying to find out about an account some set up or is trying to set up in my name at citi bank from the united nations from a Mr Mark Anderson,Director Of Operations ([email protected] I need to know is this real or a scam
    Sincerey Mrs Sharon Young

  43. Hi,

    I was called by ICICI Bank Credit card staff ( Mr Ali phone no: 022-39911343), on may 4, 2007 & was offered a free lombard insurance, as his division did not meet the target. The deal was, free lombard medical insurance with the premium not reflected in the statement as the credit card division would pay the premium on my behalf.

    Since that day, the premium payment is reflected in my statement & I am not getting any money back. I feel that I have been taken for a very good ride as the insurance is not of much use also.

    I have been repeatedely been trying to get in touch with the Credit card people since august 2008 but they are not at all co-oprative, they are passing all the problem to the Lombard people.

    I don’t know what to do now?

    • Manoj, Thanks for your note. I hope the problem gets solved real soon!

  44. Ram Pravesh Tripathi Ram Pravesh Tripathi

    Dear Sir, I Mr. Ram Pravesh Tripathi had given my ICICI bank future card no. XXXXXXXXXXXX4007 to Mr. Vikas Kumar (Agent Code No.XXXXXX33),Janakpuri branch. Without my consent he made forged signature on hard copy of application form of policy and issued the Policy (Life stage pension plan),policy no. is 10970740. I have made many complaints regarding the same forgery to customer care. First Premium Rs.20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand ) for policy is deducted from my ICICI Bank Saving Account no.XXXXXXXXX499 without my knowledge. I am very upset for the behavior of the agent and it also let you and your company down. I request you to cancel my policy and take appropriate action against the agent Mr. Vikas Kumar and want my cash of Rs. 20,000 debited in my account within two days.If no positive respone from your side i will bound to lodge FIR against your firm and went to consumer court. I am intimating you as a good customer for the above. With Regards, Ram Parvesh Tripathi

    Comment edited by administrator

    • Dear Ram-ji. I hope your troubles are solved soon. I have edited your comment to protect personal information. Thanks.

  45. Hi my name is Pushpa,

    I Had applied for this Life time free card when i was shoppng to Hub, one of the guy from your organisation asked me to fill the Application form for this Card. I have done the same i m scared whether i have done something wrong i have provided all the details about me i have also signed the Application form just wanted to know that have u received my Application form and what is the status for the same.
    Application no: 1090110115984 & that guys name was Mr Ajay Kumar Singh his contact Detalis: 9870202970.
    Please reply at the earliest

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Pushpa, did you simply write a comment without bothering to read what is written here?

  46. krishnanunni krishnanunni

    I have some unauthorized transactions of ICICI lomabard EMIs on my credit card transactions.Ever since I have started getting those transactions I haven’t paid my bills.I already called customer care 7 times and reported this.Before sending the lombard card to me,one Ms Shweta from ICICI chennai had told me about that.I already told her that day that I have a TTK card and my dad is a doctor so I don’t need anything like that.But she told me its already taken,but once I get it I need to call her and tell its number and it won’t affect my credit card transactions.When I got the lombard card I called her and told her to cancel it.I told her about the transactions getting reflected on my credit card statement.She said me not to pay that.I smelled something fishy and after that I never used your credit card.I got an HSBC card and I am using it now.If you check my payment history you can see that I had made no dues and I used my credit card a lost.
    It seems like since your lombard cards are not getting sold you are burdening it on the customers.ICICI guys even tried to trick me telling that I can claim tax benefits by showing the lombard statements and cancel it later but luckily I didn’t fall for it else I would have no choice.

    Now a days I am losing my time and i am getting harassed by the ICICI people.I can’t concentrate properly on my work because of this.My ICICI credit card late payment dues are getting added.But the base transaction of these charges is something which I didn’t make

  47. harpreet singh harpreet singh

    beware of
    irresponsible staff if you have any problem that also created by them nobody listen

  48. ankush singh ankush singh

    ICICI Bank is the worst bank in the world. they have cheated me on several occasions, either it is BANK account, credit card, loan account and many more. Their harrasment to customers is so high that government of india should take action to close this bank. it can never be a better deal than this one.

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