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Sahi re Sahi

सही रे सही a very popular Marathi play, and I watched its 1256th show yesterday. Its a record of all sorts.

Here’s what theatre-lover Jayant Prabhune has to say about it:

Sahi re sahi is a marathi play which oscillates between a comedy, social, family and drama simultaneously.

One industrialist, Madan Sukhatme catches his 2nd wify with her beau, his PA and in the melee that follows, he fells down and is supposed to be killed. The wife and beau get rid of the body. But there is a catch waiting for them, they have several wills waiting for them made by sukhatme, with no date!

His other relatives-His first wife and daughter and an uncle arrive on the scene, moving in for the ’’Kill’’, each bringing an imposter with him. So there are three imposters posing as Madan Sukhatme.

The end is not to be disclosed here, but everybody gets his/her just desserts

Bharat Jadhav is main actor here and he is simply superb, however, he needs to act with more expressions and less gimmicks. Other co-stars give him able company.

All in all, a reasonably good play.

Personally, I found it rather boring, and made infinite attempts in vain to laugh at the second grade humor employed in the play. The screenplay is good, and the acting is amazing! Some quality humor and not overdoing the characters would have made it better.

I’m happy I got a ticket for only 60 bucks. 😉

Seema, I’m not paying you until you get tickets for something better.

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  1. Shital Phadake Shital Phadake

    Yesterday Itself I have seen 1389th show of “SAHI RE SAHI”. Its Really Very Much Funny n Superb.
    All Characters have taken to much Hardwork espcecially Bharat Jadhav,
    I really wonder how he might have managed his all roles, especially Galgale it’s Awsome.
    But some of the characters are overacting n some jokes seems to be not suited for situation.

  2. Vaibhav Swami Vaibhav Swami

    Yes, I agree with Shital Phadake …
    I personally feel that playing on the stage is very different from the films. I found Mr. Bharat Jadhav versatile and very energetic!!! Basically its a humorous and suspense drama. His 4 roles… businessman, galgale, hari and driver…were exllently linked in the story. First half is better. Among other character….Raje, 2 wives, daughter, uncle, drunker, everyone performed outstanding !!
    Backstage members performed their task professionally…quality music and light effects.
    Nice to watch at least once.

  3. Hey, I remember this. 4 of us had gone for this play – Hrishi, Seema, you and me. I remember how we all were finding hard to laugh but at the same time were surprised how others could laugh!!

  4. Shital:
    Agree with you that it is difficult 🙂 And that some jokes might have been inappropriate, but the play was for 15 I think, or no? Some humor was too goofy / slapstick.

  5. Vaibhav:
    Backstage support must have been exceptional for so fast change in roles by BJ. I agree it was humorous but most of it was cheap humor..

  6. Gauri:
    As being a fellow member who was tormented with the mediocre jokes, I am delighted to see you commenting here… heheh!

  7. Seema Seema

    Priyank, this reminds me, you have to pay me 60 bucks!!!. I agree the play was boring and it was difficult to laugh. But you, me, Gauri and Hrishi had lovely time cracking jokes and how could I forget Hrishi’s mail to all of us next day morning saying ‘Galgale office la aale’…You should rather pay me 120 bucks for having brought four of us together after a long time and spent a memorable evening together!!! 😛

    • I know I know! You missed a golden opportunity to vasool it from me last year 😛 now wait (and no interest)!

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