Commuting every morning (Part 1)

Typical scene, daily-

6:55 AM:
‘Oh God, I’m late again’, I say, barely managing a shabby shave, washing the brush and engaging the razor back in place. I rush to the kitchen and greet mom ‘Good Morning’. My sister is peacefully busy doing her favorite activity- looking at the mirror. I try to find something to say and annoy her, which she gracefully ignores. Mom is again unhappy at me for running around the house ‘making a mess every morning’. I pour a glass of milk and gulp it down my throat in an instant. In no time I rush to my room, take a quick shower and come out smelling clean and fresh. With liberal amount of deo sprayed I go back to the kitchen, knocking something on the way.

7:05 AM: Time is running too fast
‘Clutt, clop clop, zeezzz’, and there was my omlette ready to be served with plenty of sauce, pepper and salt. I love my breakfast.

7:15 AM: damn!
Ready in my formals I’m about to dash off when I see mom packing my lunch. I snatch it, apologise for being late and promising her not to be late again. It’s not raining, thank God.

7:20 AM: somebody stop the time…
I take the auto to the station and toss him a 5 rupee coin. How nice the railway station looks- brimming with commuters going for offices and colleges. I walk to platform #5 and pray that I didn’t miss my 7:21 Kalyan fast. As I gear up for the next challenge and blurt a ‘Good Morning/Namaskar’ to other regulars, the train is announced

Rest of the story in my next post.

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