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Commuting every morning (Part 1)

Typical scene, daily-

6:55 AM:
‘Oh God, I’m late again’, I say, barely managing a shabby shave, washing the brush and engaging the razor back in place. I rush to the kitchen and greet mom ‘Good Morning’. My sister is peacefully busy doing her favorite activity- looking at the mirror. I try to find something to say and annoy her, which she gracefully ignores. Mom is again unhappy at me for running around the house ‘making a mess every morning’. I pour a glass of milk and gulp it down my throat in an instant. In no time I rush to my room, take a quick shower and come out smelling clean and fresh. With liberal amount of deo sprayed I go back to the kitchen, knocking something on the way.

7:05 AM: Time is running too fast
‘Clutt, clop clop, zeezzz’, and there was my omlette ready to be served with plenty of sauce, pepper and salt. I love my breakfast.

7:15 AM: damn!
Ready in my formals I’m about to dash off when I see mom packing my lunch. I snatch it, apologise for being late and promising her not to be late again. It’s not raining, thank God.

7:20 AM: somebody stop the time…
I take the auto to the station and toss him a 5 rupee coin. How nice the railway station looks- brimming with commuters going for offices and colleges. I walk to platform #5 and pray that I didn’t miss my 7:21 Kalyan fast. As I gear up for the next challenge and blurt a ‘Good Morning/Namaskar’ to other regulars, the train is announced

Rest of the story in my next post.

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  1. Asha Asha

    That is a nice writeup. i read harry potter too. i want to tell you the climax and ruin it for you, haha..

  2. mandar mandar

    In 25min. you are ready to go to office. Great!!! That shows the pace of mumbai life.

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