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Happy Birthday to me


Well, yeah, it was 24 years ago that I came to this world (thanks mom n dad) in this incarnation as a human. Existing on planet Earth for 24 years. In this big bad evil world, this feels like an achievement.

From primary to secondary school, and then from junior college to senior college. Life was throwing challenges one after the other. From a kid who fumbled with his underwear in kindergarten to an executive who is trying to find a perfect tie for his formals. Things change so fast, and you can’t afford to be slow. Can you?


I think the identity crisis period of my life is almost over. I say almost because clearly I hesitate to spell out here what said crisis was exactly. It got very bad – I’d say ten years ago – and has increasingly gotten better since then. To think back, I can’t believe I’m still here (well, okay, a little bit of drama isn’t so bad).

What I think I’d be doing ten years from now:

I have no idea!

But if I can dream, here is the list in no specific order:

  • Get a masters degree – Maybe abroad?
  • Travel all over the country
  • Be really great at playing sitar
  • Find love
  • Blog (if that thing still exists in the future), or write a book
  • Do something different – Teach yoga, hitchhike, learn many languages, etc.

I have a digital avatar!

Today unveiled before you is the new power-packed version of priyank dot com. I couldn’t be stressing more that this is the first beta version, plenty of bugs, layout goofups and broken links awaiting discovery. So why don’t you help me by playing detective ? (I had to throw open this work today. Didn’t want to miss the date).

I shall be writing the credits, version history and privacy policies at the end, when all the errors are resolved.

Have a terrific time.

And yeah, happy birthday to me!

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  1. Many happy Returns of the day!!! May god shower you with all the happiness… May all u dreams come true and U taste success in nething and everything you do!!! My best wishes and prayers are always with you!!!

  2. GV GV

    good to see your latest version of! Tell me how to play the detective…
    btw, The street lawyer is quite good. Enjoy!

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