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Sitar on Sunday

Sitar on Sunday
As on any other Sunday, I woke up late today. I was disappointed for ‘wasting’ a precious Saturday in office, when I should have been out on a hike to Sahyadris. Sunday was going to be no different, I thought.

After lying idle for days, I finally dusted my Sitar and watched it spring back to life as I tuned its numerous strings. Rainy season had pumped lot of moisture into the wooden knobs and I was skeptical whether I would be able to tune it without breaking the strings. After a lot of creaks, and just the right amount of tension, it started singing nicely. I used a piece of emery paper and gently cleansed the the strings of the fine moisture deposit.

So there was I- Fingers of left hand lubricated, mizrab worn in right index finger, my electronic accompanists- Taanpura and Taalmaala plugged in, dark clouds, heavy rains and a gentle breeze.

What more could one possibly ask for!

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