Video Coach

Video Coach: (n); Gents First class compartment attached to the Ladies First class compartment and separated by low partition in the suburban local trains of Mumbai. The number of these coaches maybe two or three, depending on size of the local.

Typical Characteristics:
- It is the hottest place in the train
- You stay in touch with the latest fashion
- Your source of entertainment- gossip, fights, arguments etc.
- I have heard stories of people falling in love and getting married
- Regardless of which direction the train is moving, guys are always facing only in one direction.

I wouldnt be surprised if ‘outsiders’ do not understand what I just described, but a Mumbaikar will surely nod!

PS: Difficuilt to concentrate when travelling in Video coach

5 thoughts on “Video Coach

  1. ha ha! that was very nice to read! reminded me of my days in mumbai many years ago. i guess nothing has changed. enjoy the show

  2. One third of the life of a mumbaiite goes in travelling in the local trains so he is bound to find out means to entertain himself. This is a wonderful idea i suppose. How wonderful a video coach!! can see different movies from different sides!!!

    BTW, Da Vinci code is a good book (although I didnt like the ending which is a bit filmi), enjoy reading it in the commercial breaks of your video;-)

  3. Righto! Prutha: abt the video coach AND the book

    Other Dan Brown books I read – Deception point and Angels and Demons were no different. I shall write reviews on it soon ! Thanks…

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