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Birth of yet another blogger


Finally! I was able to setup the weblog, with some of help and trying (in vain) to play around with MySQL vs PostgreSQL. The blog does work now, and I’m glad to have one on my website. This will, hopefully, give a dynamic look to my otherwise static website. I’m (in)famous for not updating the site for months together. Now I intend to update it regularly (and eventually contribute more junk to the already cluttered cyberspace)

Cheers !

Edit: July 18, 2011
Personal blog:
Travel blog:

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  1. thanks Pappu!
    I like that name, looking forward to such ‘creative’ stuff!

  2. […] blogging, I must say I’m pretty satisfied. The idea of banging the keyboard churning out more clutter to the already overcrowded in cyberspace and expecting it to be read by strangers is […]

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