A house with no furniture


The other day a colleague of mine, a delightful middle aged woman, was shocked to hear that I didn’t own a living room sofa set, a TV or a guest bed. “Instead of spending all your money traveling to all those places, why don’t you buy the basic necessities for comfortable living.” That was her first comment. Then she went on a rant about how “today’s generation” did not know anything about financial management.

And that made me upset. I was upset because I felt sorry that she will never get it!

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The annual ritual of setting new goals


“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.”

One of my teaches used to say that, and I never took her quote seriously because teachers tell you a lot of things that don’t make sense at the time (and also because I hate cheesy quotes). At the mature age of 24, just before I turned 25, a strange realization crept into me. I realized that the infinite time I thought I had in my life was not really infinite, and if I wanted to do things in life, I had to do them right now.

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Learning styles


Learning Styles are various methods or approaches to learning. There has been a lot of research on the topic of how people learn from experience. Learning styles, unlike personality traits, are acquired preferences that are adaptable, either at will or through changed circumstances.

When it comes to experiential learning, different people will approach the problem in different ways. Lets consider a simple example: assembling a desk from a ready-to-assemble kit sold by furniture stores like IKEA.

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On again, off again, but never dead

To blog or not to blog

Last few years have seen an explosion in the number of blogs and the number of bloggers themselves. However, most research suggests that an overwhelming majority of blogs die within months of their creation. This characteristic is both a feature and a limitation of the very nature of blogging.

In this post, I analyse my blogging habits and determine a sustainable blogging frequency.

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Adopting a new technology

At my study desk

After finishing graduate studies, I was so tired of formal education that I stopped looking at the latest research in business, new developments in technology and other academically geeky topics that interest me a lot. Recently, while upgrading my websites to the current internet standards, I was faced with the challenge of learning a whole bunch of new things in a limited amount of time and, in the process, discovering that I wasn’t prepared for the transition. Here’s how I managed to reconcile a solution and manage the change.

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Doomsday / Apocalypse diary


Someone predicted Apocalypse or Judgement day or Doomsday today. So I thought of blogging about my experience of this day.

Besides being completely puzzled why a God, the possessor of supernatural powers, would take the pain to come to earth only with the intent of destroying it, I am also curious to know about the significance of this particular date. But should the said prophecy come to fruition, I wanted to be among the select few souls who were enthusiastically documenting their last day on earth. Here we go!

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