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About Me

Hi, I'm Priyank, a mid-30s guy living in Toronto, Canada.

  • Mission

    "To be happy"

    Few years ago I visited Bhutan, a tiny Himalayan kindom and supposedly the happiest country in the world. Reflecting upon their philosophy, I had this moment of epiphany... Why don't we put happiness before other factors (such as money or other wants) for making life decisions? Since then I have endavoured to apply this simple idea which is remarkably complex to implement.
    But that's the goal!

  • Resumé stuff

    Academic and Professional

    With education in Engineering and MBA, I have a very versatile skillset, which I have employed to get things done during my two years as a tech entrepreneur, four years of project management in the private sector, one in non-profits, and eight in the public and broader public sectors, providing strategic policy and operations advice to decision makers at the highest levels.

  • Explore and Discover

    Travel Blogging and Photography

    I apply the old-fashioned work-save-travel model when it comes to traveling. There's never going to be a perfect time to travel, so "right now" is the best time! Every other year, I take off to go to places I haven’t seen before. Nothing excites me more than seeing how remarkably similar we all are, despite our inherent cultural differences. My recent big trip was to the Silk Route countries in Central Asia.

  • Create

    Music, Language, Design

    My main hobbies are playing classical music (on Sitar), and learning languages. My polyglot skills aren't limited to the real world; I try to keep up with the latest ways of talking to computers too, be it web design or AI.

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Travel Blog

Travelling is the best way to spend your money, isn’t it? I backpack on a shoe-string budget; couchsurfing and hitchhiking allow me to connect with real people all over the world, experience hospitality and generosity, and return with memorable stories.

Some recent posts:

Volunteering to Save Sea Turtles in Costa Rica Discovering Eastern Ontario: Cycling from Ottawa to Toronto Temple of the Menstruating Goddess Have you ever crossed a bridge that is alive? The Five Peaks of Kangchenjunga: A Dance of Light and Shadow A Tale of Two Mosques

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Over the last few years, I have travelled to numerous countries, taking pictures of the beautiful sights and experiences each place has. There’s so much beauty in the world, and it’s not always possible to photograph the perfect moment in the perfect light at a perfect angle.
But we can try!

Some recent photo stories:

Travelling the Silk Road in Central Asia Bhutan: Mystic Druk Yul Scrolls from the Holy Land Of Tacos and Tequilas Andean Explorations Tico Trails on Pura Vida

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Personal Weblog

Contributing more bytes to the interwebs since 2005, in all the time my blog has existed, it has served no useful purpose to the world, other than to entertain myself. It's also not updated since 2013.

The Bicycle Immigrant A House with No Furniture Espresso Machines and Such Caffinated Pleasures Half Marathon The Blue "Chatur"

Social Media + Contacts

I love meeting new people and I will usually reply to all emails. Feel free to contact me on any social media channels, but if we are making first contact, send a note before so I know it's not spam. :-)